Shenzhen Concox HVT001

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Concox
HVT001 GPS Device

Shenzhen Concox HVT001, a discreet GPS tracker seamlessly integrated into a USB charger with a cigarette lighter design. This plug and play tracker ensures swift installation in nearly any vehicle, delivering realtime GPS location, audio monitoring capabilities, and more. Designed for both fleet management and individual applications, the HVT001 is inconspicuous yet powerful.

Benefit from real-time tracking through the APP, SMS, and Web Platform, combining GPS and LBS tracking systems. This dual tracking feature provides precise location insights, while ensuring you stay connected to your vehicle’s whereabouts.

Send a command to Shenzhen Concox HVT001, and experience live voice monitoring of the surrounding environment. This feature adds an extra layer of security and control, allowing you to stay informed about what’s happening around the tracker.

ACC Detection for Ignition Status Awareness

Stay informed about the ignition status with ACC detection. This feature allows you to monitor the ignition status whenever needed, providing valuable insights into the vehicle’s operational status.

Plugged Out Alarm for Enhanced Security

If unplugged, the Shenzhen Concox HVT001 automatically sends alert messages to remind you. This plugged out alarm feature adds an extra layer of security, notifying you instantly if the tracker is disconnected or tampered with.

Dual Charging Port for Device Versatility

Beyond tracking capabilities, the Shenzhen Concox HVT001 serves as a practical USB charger with dual charging ports. Power up your mobile phone, tablet, and other electronic devices directly from the tracker, while adding functionality beyond GPS tracking.

Compact and Stylish Design for Seamless Integration

With a sleek and lightweight design, the HVT001 seamlessly blends into your car’s interior. Its inconspicuous appearance ensures that the tracker remains discreet while providing powerful tracking and monitoring capabilities.

In conclusion, the HVT001 redefines GPS tracking with its compact design, flexible features, and seamless integration. Whether for fleet management or personal use, this discreet tracker offers real-time insights and enhanced security, making it an ideal solution for staying connected with your vehicle.