Shenzhen Concox GV20 3G

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Concox
GV20 3G

Experience unparalleled craftsmanship with Shenzhen Concox GV20 3G, a feature rich, competitively priced 3G GPS tracker designed for vehicle, motor, and bus tracking. This cutting edge device provides crystal clear realtime tracking details. While including location, route history, and more, even in challenging environments. With remote fuel / power cutoff capabilities and ignition status insights, the GV20 also ensures that you have control and awareness wherever your journey takes you, delivering instant alerts for prompt action.

GPS+AGPS+LBS Tracking for Real-time Precision

Shenzhen Concox GV20 3G utilizes GPS, AGPS, and LBS tracking, while allowing for realtime or periodic pinpointing of the device location. This ensures accurate tracking details for effective monitoring.

Designed to with GPS Categories and tough environments, the GV20 is IP65 dust and waterproof, also guaranteeing stable operation even in challenging conditions. This durability ensures the tracker reliability in various situations.

WCDMA & GSM Connectivity for Enhanced Coverage

Utilizing the 3G network, Shenzhen Concox GV20 3G ensures outstanding coverage without the worries associated with 2G networks. This advanced connectivity enhances the device’s reliability and performance.

Take command of your vehicle with the GV20’s remote fuel / power cutoff feature. This capability allows you to compel the vehicle to stop by breaking off the fuel connection, while providing an additional layer of control and security.

Stay informed about any unauthorized displacement with the tamper alert feature. Receive notifications if the device is moved from its original installation, enhancing security and preventing unauthorized use.

Benefit from instant alerts for various events, including vibration, overspeed, power off, and also geofence breaches. The Shenzhen Concox GV20 3 Gensures you are instantly alerted of any irregularities, allowing for immediate action.


Keep track of the ignition status with ACC detection. This feature provides awareness of the ignition status whenever needed, contributing to better monitoring and control.

Ensure the optimal protection of your vehicle battery with the Shenzhen Concox GV20 3G’s low battery protection feature. This prevents the motorcycle battery from draining out, maintaining continuous and reliable performance.

In conclusion, the GV20 is a 3G GPS tracker that combines affordability with advanced features for effective vehicle tracking.


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