Shenzhen Concox GT100

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Concox
Shenzhen Concox GT100

Elevate the security of your motorcycle with the Shenzhen Concox GT100 Motorcycle GPS Tracker, specifically designed to ensure the safety and well-being of your valuable asset. Boasting stable quality and robust performance, this tracker provides peace of mind, especially during emergency situations.


The Shenzhen Concox GT100 Motorcycle GPS Tracker is equipped with IP65 dust and water resistance, guaranteeing protection against environmental elements. Its waterproof and dustproof design ensures long-lasting durability, even in challenging conditions, making it an ideal choice for motorcycle tracking.

In the unfortunate event of theft, the tele cut-off function allows you to take immediate action. By sending messages through the platform, you can actively track and monitor your motorcycle’s location. This feature enhances the chances of recovering your stolen vehicle swiftly, providing an extra layer of security.

During periods of inactivity or when your motorcycle is laid-up, the low voltage protection for the battery comes into play. This intelligent feature safeguards your motorcycle by preventing excessive discharge and potential damage to the battery. This ensures that your motorcycle remains protected and ready for use when needed.

Why Choose the GT100 Motorcycle GPS Tracker

The Shenzhen Concox GT100 stands out as a reliable and efficient solution for motorcycle tracking. Its focus on key functionalities and robust design sets it apart in the market. The IP65 dust and water resistance make it a durable choice, capable of withstanding various weather conditions, ensuring uninterrupted performance.

The tele cut-off function adds a layer of control and security, allowing you to take prompt action in the event of theft. This feature not only aids in the recovery of your motorcycle but also acts as a deterrent against potential theft.

With low voltage protection for the battery, the GT100 ensures the longevity and health of your motorcycle’s power source. This feature becomes particularly crucial during extended periods of inactivity, preventing unnecessary strain on the battery and preserving its overall lifespan.

In conclusion, the Shenzhen Concox GT100 Motorcycle GPS Tracker is a reliable and effective solution for motorcycle owners looking to enhance the safety and security of their vehicles. Its durable design, coupled with essential features like IP65 resistance, tele cut-off function, and low voltage protection. It makes it a valuable investment for any motorcycle owner. Upgrade your motorcycle’s security with the GT100 Motorcycle GPS Tracker, designed specifically to keep your valuable asset safe and sound, even in emergency situations. Boasting stable quality and powerful performance, this tracker ensures peace of mind for motorcycle owners.

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