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Shenzhen Concox GT06N

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Concox

The globally trusted Shenzhen Concox GT06N GPS vehicle tracker is celebrated for its robust features and durability. This makes it a top choice worldwide. It provides standard telematics like GPS tracking and ACC status, and goes further with advanced features such as an SOS button and audio monitoring.

Empowerment through Immobilization

Users can immobilize a vehicle swiftly by cutting off its power source or fuel supply through the Remote Cut-Off (Fuel/Power) feature. The GT06N also features an Additional Tx/Rx Interface, seamlessly connecting to accessories with the same protocol for enhanced performance.

Safety at Your Fingertips

Equipped with a Panic Button, the GT06N also ensures quick communication with dispatch or emergency support through a discreet in-cabin SOS button. An External Mic for Audio Monitoring, along with an extended microphone cable. It allows convenient placement inside the cab for enhanced audio surveillance.

Constant Monitoring for Insight

The Ignition Detection feature monitors the ACC/ignition status in real time, while providing insights into the vehicle’s operational state. The GT06N delivers Multiple Alerts for events like abnormal vibration, low battery, power-off, and speeding, ensuring users stay informed and proactive.

Seamless Connectivity

The Shenzhen Concox GT06N versatility extends with an Additional Tx/Rx Interface, enhancing connectivity with compatible accessories. This feature forms a robust and also integrated performance for a seamless tracking experience.

Safety with a Button Press

With a focus on safety, the discreet Panic Button establishes direct communication with dispatch or emergency support. This in-cabin SOS button ensures help is just a button press away, offering peace of mind in critical situations.

In conclusion, the Shenzhen Concox GT06N GPS vehicle tracker is a comprehensive solution. It offers a wide array of features to meet diverse tracking needs. From basic telematics to advanced functionalities, the GT06N stands out as a reliable and efficient choice for vehicle monitoring and management.