Shenzhen Concox GT06E

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Concox



Shenzhen Concox GT06E, is a groundbreaking 3G-enabled GPS tracker designed to elevate your fleet tracking and management experience. With advanced GPS technology, this device goes beyond standard tracking, offering a range of features tailored for comprehensive fleet monitoring.

The GT06E brings a new dimension to tracking capabilities, providing traditional functions such as tele-cutoff petrol, geo-fence, SOS alarm, and over-speed alert. However, it doesn’t stop there. What sets the GT06E apart are its optional digital outputs that enhance tracking precision and provide additional insights into your fleet’s operations.


One standout feature is the tele-cutoff petrol function, allowing you to remotely control the fuel supply. This feature adds a layer of security, enabling you to immobilize a vehicle in case of emergencies or unauthorized use. The geo-fence feature lets you set virtual boundaries, and if a vehicle crosses these predefined areas, instant alerts are triggered, keeping you informed and in control.

The SOS alarm feature is a crucial aspect of the GT06E, providing an immediate response in emergency situations. Whether it’s a breakdown or any unforeseen circumstance, users can activate the SOS alarm, notifying the monitoring center or designated contacts for prompt assistance.

Over-speed alerts contribute to safer driving practices by notifying you when a vehicle exceeds predefined speed limits. This not only promotes responsible driving behavior but also helps prevent accidents and potential damage to the vehicle.

What sets the GT06E apart is its array of optional digital outputs. These outputs cater to specific needs, including door detection, audio-visual alerts for precise vehicle pinpointing, and monitoring external power voltage. These customizable features provide a tailored tracking solution that aligns with your unique fleet management requirements.

In conclusion, the Shenzhen Concox GT06E stands out as a game-changer in fleet tracking and management. Its 3G capabilities, coupled with a range of advanced features, offer a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking efficient and precise monitoring of their fleets. Stay ahead with the GT06E, where innovation meets reliability in the world of GPS tracking technology.