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Shenzhen Concox GT06E 3G

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Concox
GT06E 3G

Experience unparalleled tracking precision with Shenzhen Concox GT06E 3G GPS tracker. A revolutionary device that ensures you have the location of anything, anytime. Utilizing cutting edge GPS technology, this tracker empowers you to monitor your car, keep an eye on your children, or safeguard prized possessions, all in realtime. Its compact size facilitates easy installation, while its robust design withstands the bumps and movements associated with vehicle tracking.


Harness the power of cutting edge GPS technology with Shenzhen Concox GT06E 3G, enabling you to effortlessly track anything in real time. Additionally, stay informed about the location of your assets, loved ones, or vehicles with precision and accuracy.

With the GT06E, you can set up virtual boundaries on the map, known as geofences, and receive instant alerts when the tracker enters or leaves these designated areas. Enhance the security of your assets and loved ones with this customizable and proactive feature.

In emergency situations, Shenzhen Concox GT06E 3 Gensures swift response with its SOS button. A press of the button triggers the tracker to send SMS alerts to all authorized phone numbers and the monitoring platform, providing crucial assistance when needed.

Remote Petrol/Power Cutoff for Added Control

Take control of your vehicle’s fuel or power remotely with the GT06E’s SMS command feature. This capability adds an extra layer of security, while allowing you to cut off petrol or power with a simple command, enhancing control and deterring unauthorized use.

Stay vigilant with Shenzhen Concox GT06E 3G vibration and overspeed alert features. The device promptly sends alerts when it detects any vibration or instances of overspeed. This ensures you are immediately notified of potential issues or unauthorized movements.

ACC Detection for Swift Vehicle Status Updates

Keep track of your vehicle’s status with ACC detection, allowing for quick and accurate updates. Shenzhen Concox GT06E 3G ensures you stay informed about your vehicle’s ignition status, contributing to effective monitoring and management.

In conclusion, the GT06E 3G GPS tracker offers a comprehensive solution for realtime tracking, security enhancement, and emergency response. Its advanced features, user-friendly design, and robust construction make it an ideal choice for individuals seeking reliable GPS tracking solutions. Unlock peace of mind and control with the GT06E.


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