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Shenzhen Concox GT03A

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Concox

Upgrade your tracking experience with the versatile Shenzhen Concox GT03A Magnetic GPS tracker, designed for effortless installation and optimal flexibility using a robust magnetic design. Its high IP65 protection rating ensures reliable operation, even in the most challenging working environments. This device, equipped with a sizable built-in battery, is the perfect solution for a variety of tracking needs. It includes asset tracking, vehicle tracking, cargo tracking, race motorcycle tracking, and more.


One of the standout features of this Shenzhen Concox GT03A Magnetic GPS tracker is its advanced GPS+AGPS+LBS positioning system, allowing for accurate and rapid pinpointing of the device’s location. Whether you’re monitoring assets, vehicles, or cargo, this feature ensures precision in tracking.

The 2500/5000mAh high-capacity Li-ion battery is a key component, providing a reliable and sustained power supply. This ensures that the tracker remains operational for extended periods, reducing the need for frequent recharging and enhancing overall tracking efficiency.

Activate the voice monitor function with a simple text command, allowing you to listen in remotely. This feature adds an extra layer of security and monitoring capability, especially in situations where real-time audio insights are essential.

The Shenzhen Concox GT03A Magnetic GPS tracker’s powerful magnet cover facilitates a flexible installation on various vehicles or assets. This strong magnetic design ensures stability and durability, accommodating the dynamic tracking needs of different scenarios.

Receive instant alerts with the vibration and movement alert feature. It notifes you immediately if the tracked vehicle experiences unexpected vibrations or movements. This proactive alert system enhances security and allows for swift response in case of unauthorized activities.

Set up geo-fence alarms effortlessly by creating geofences in circular or rectangular shapes around key locations. This feature adds a customizable layer of security, notifying you when the tracker enters or exits predefined areas.

Magnetic GPS Device

With an IP65 dust and waterproof rating, this tracker is designed to withstand tough environmental conditions, ensuring stable and consistent operation. Whether faced with dust or water exposure, the device maintains optimal performance.

Effortlessly track your Magnetic GPS device through SMS, APP, or Web interfaces, receiving real-time location reports through convenient and user-friendly channels. Stay in control and monitor your assets or vehicles seamlessly with the tracking options that suit your preferences.

In conclusion, the Shenzhen Concox GT03A Magnetic GPS tracker offers a comprehensive and user-friendly solution. It combines advanced features with robust design elements for a superior tracking experience. Upgrade your tracking capabilities today and enjoy the benefits of precision, flexibility, and reliability in one powerful device.

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