Shenzhen Concox EG02

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Concox
EG02 GPS Device

Bid farewell to conventional electric scooter keys and welcome the highly efficient anti theft solution, Shenzhen Concox EG02. Compact as a cigarette lighter, the EG02 GPS tracker boasts a plug & play design and also supports realtime GPS & LBS tracking. With a user-friendly app, you gain the ability to remotely lock and unlock your E-bike. Should unauthorized movement occur, an audio alarm promptly alerts you. The EG02’s wide working voltage of 9-90V makes it versatile, and also compatible with various E-bike models on the market.

Revolutionizing Security with EG02:

Vehicle Battery Protection for Longevity

Experience optimized battery protection that prevents vehicle batteries from draining or sustaining damage. Moreover, this feature enhances the overall longevity and reliability of your electric scooter.

Automatic Wheel Lock for Added Security

In arming mode, Shenzhen Concox EG02 automatically locks the e-scooter upon detecting abnormal movement. This automatic wheel lock provides an additional layer of security, also reducing theft effectively.

Wide Operating Voltage for Versatility

With a wide operating voltage range of 9-90V, the EG02 adapts to a diverse range of vehicles, while including industrial equipment, scooters, golf carts, and more. This flexibility ensures compatibility with various electric vehicle models.

Enhance the security system with external buzzer support, while providing audible alerts for alarms and e-scooter searching. This feature ensures you are promptly notified of any security-related events.

Intelligent Theft Deterrence

The EG02 employs intelligent theft reduction by automatically switching off electricity to enter the arming status. This intelligent feature adds an extra layer of protection, making it challenging for unauthorized individuals to tamper with your electric scooter.

Plug and Play Convenience

Designed for e-scooter connection ports, Shenzhen Concox EG02 offers a hasslefree,  plug and play experience without the need to cut wires. This design also streamlines the installation process for added convenience.

Keyless Start for Effortless Operation

Initiate the e-scooter’s start-up through the mobile app or SMS with the keyless start feature. This user friendly function enhances the overall convenience of operating your electric scooter.

Multiple Alerts for Comprehensive Monitoring

Receive instant alerts for atypical events, including abnormal vibration, speeding, power off, geofence entry/exit, and more. These multiple alerts provide comprehensive monitoring while ensuring you stay informed about your electric scooter’s status.

In conclusion, Shenzhen Concox EG02 redefines electric scooter security with its compact design, intelligent features, and versatile compatibility. Elevate your electric scooter experience with EG02, where cutting edge technology meets enhanced security for worry-free rides.