Shenzhen Concox AT4

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Concox

Shenzhen Concox AT4 sets a new standard in asset GPS tracking with its cutting-edge features, robust construction, and unparalleled battery life. This state-of-the-art device, equipped with GPS and LBS positioning. It stands out for its ability to provide detailed reports, offering precise information about a vehicle’s past locations, current trajectory, and speed. Whether you’re managing individual vehicles or entire fleets, the magnet-mounted AT4 ensures you stay in control.

Benefit from a combination of advanced positioning systems that guarantee accurate location tracking. The AT4 seamlessly integrates GPS and LBS to display precise locations on the cloud platform. While ensuring you have real-time insights.

Shenzhen Concox AT4 goes beyond standard tracking. it also allows for remote audio monitoring of the device’s surroundings. With an inconspicuous microphone, stay connected and informed about the environment around the tracker.

Receive instant notifications when the device faces tampering or removal. The AT4 is equipped with a pressure-sensitive button that triggers alerts if it becomes loose, providing an added layer of security.

Built to withstand the toughest conditions, the AT4 boasts an IPX5 water resistance rating. This rugged design ensures optimal performance even in challenging environments, making it suitable for various applications.

 High-Capacity Rechargeable Battery

With a robust 10,000mAh rechargeable battery, the AT4 offers an industry-leading solution for long standby applications. The high-capacity battery can be easily recharged, while allowing for flexible and reliable deployment.

Installation is a breeze with the AT4’s strong magnetic base. Its near-zero installation effort allows the device to tightly and effortlessly fasten to most metal surfaces, making it a versatile choice for various tracking needs.

In summary, the AT4 stands out as a superior asset GPS tracker, combining advanced technology, durability, and extended battery life. The AT4’s comprehensive features place you in the driver’s seat, providing the control and insights required for efficient asset tracking, whether you’re focusing on individual vehicle management or overseeing an entire fleet. Elevate your tracking experience with the AT4 today.

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