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Shenzhen Concox AT3

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Concox

Shenzhen Concox introduces the AT3, an all-in-one rugged and self-contained asset GPS tracking device designed to meet your tracking needs with efficiency and durability. This versatile unit combines tracking hardware, a powerful magnetic mount, and a long-lasting battery to deliver a comprehensive tracking solution.

Equipped with GPS technology for precise location tracking and GSM + WCDMA for efficient data communication, the AT3 ensures fast and accurate real-time tracking capabilities. The inclusion of WCDMA enhances communication reliability, while ensuring seamless data transmission for an enhanced tracking experience.

Remarkable battery life

The AT3 stands out with its remarkable battery life, extending up to 3 years. This extended battery duration makes it an ideal choice for long-term deployments. It provides a reliable and self-contained hardware solution for extended tracking requirements. Users can deploy the AT3 with confidence, knowing that it offers sustained performance over an extended period, minimizing the need for frequent maintenance.

The device’s rugged design is complemented by a powerful magnetic mount, facilitating easy and secure installation on various surfaces. This magnetic feature adds to the device’s versatility. It allows it to be conveniently deployed in different scenarios without complex installation processes.

To ensure durability in various environmental conditions, the AT3 boasts an IPx5 rating, providing total protection against water spray. This rating signifies the device’s resilience in the face of water exposure. It makes it suitable for deployment in challenging outdoor environments.

Furthermore, the AT3’s capabilities extend beyond traditional asset tracking scenarios. Its adaptability makes it suitable for diverse applications, including fleet management, logistics, and equipment tracking. Whether monitoring a fleet of vehicles, managing leased cars, or ensuring the security of valuable assets, the AT3 delivers consistent and reliable performance.

In conclusion, the Shenzhen Concox AT3 stands as a robust and comprehensive asset GPS tracking solution. Its combination of long-lasting battery life, efficient tracking hardware, and a powerful magnetic mount make it a reliable choice for various tracking applications. Whether for short-term or long-term deployments, the AT3 offers a durable and effective solution for your tracking needs.