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Coban Electronics GPS306


Coban GPS306 introduces a revolutionary OBDII tracker, setting a new standard for ease of installation. This device seamlessly plugs into the diagnostic port of a car, drawing power from it and, in addition, extracting valuable vehicle data, including speed, engine RPM, coolant temperature, battery voltage, and more. Let’s delve into the transformative features that make Coban GPS306 a game-changer in vehicle monitoring.

Real-time Insights with Events Monitoring

Check Engine (MIL) Alerts

Coban GPS306 ensures a proactive approach to vehicle maintenance by providing real-time alerts for the Check Engine (MIL) status. This feature allows users to address potential issues promptly, preventing more significant problems down the road.

Route Deviation and Distance Monitoring

Enhancing security and operational efficiency, Coban GPS306 monitors route deviations and calculates the distance between objects. These features contribute to better route planning, minimizing delays, and ensuring optimal fleet management.

Driver Change and Excessive Idling Detection

Efficiently manage driver behavior with Coban GPS306’s ability to detect driver changes and excessive idling. These insights enable businesses to enhance fuel efficiency, reduce operational costs, and ensure optimal use of their vehicle fleet.

Comprehensive Geofencing and Power Management

Entrance or Exit from Geofence

Geofencing capabilities empower users to receive instant alerts when a vehicle enters or exits predefined geographic zones. This feature is crucial for enhancing security, optimizing logistics, and ensuring compliance with designated routes.

External Power Cut and Low Battery Alerts

Coban GPS306 goes beyond basic tracking by providing alerts for external power cuts and low battery situations. These proactive notifications enable users to take swift action, ensuring uninterrupted tracking and maintaining the device’s reliability.

Enhanced Safety and Security Features

Emergency Situations: SOS Button Press and Speeding Alerts

In emergencies, the SOS button on Coban GPS306 allows users to trigger immediate assistance. Furthermore, the device monitors speeding, both hardware and platform-related, ensuring adherence to safety standards and preventing potential accidents.

State Field Value and Task Status Changes

Keep track of the vehicle’s state with Coban GPS306’s state field value monitoring. Additionally, receive alerts for task status changes, providing valuable insights into the completion of assigned tasks.

Reliability Assurance: Tracker Status Monitoring

GPS306 ensures constant connectivity with tracker status monitoring. Receive alerts for the tracker being switched off or if a connection is lost, guaranteeing uninterrupted monitoring and security.

SEO-Friendly Tracking Solutions

GPS306 not only excels in functionality but also aligns with SEO-friendly practices. Its transformative features cater to various tracking needs, making it an ideal choice for those seeking efficient and search engine optimized tracking solutions.

Conclusion: Transform Your Vehicle Monitoring with Coban GPS306

In conclusion, GPS306 emerges as a transformative force in the world of OBDII trackers. Its user-friendly installation, real-time monitoring capabilities, and comprehensive event alerts make it an indispensable tool for businesses aiming to enhance efficiency, safety, and security in their vehicle fleets. Elevate your vehicle monitoring experience with Coban GPS306 and stay at the forefront of tracking technology.