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Shenzhen Cantrack VSL100

Shenzhen Cantrack VSL100

The Shenzhen Cantrack VSL100, crafted by the Cantrack team, represents a cutting-edge GPS speed limiter tailored specifically for the African market.

Key Features of Shenzhen Cantrack VSL100:

  1. New Generation Design: The VSL100 stands out as a modern and efficient GPS speed limiter.
  2. Microcomputer Control: Utilizes microcomputer control for effective and precise speed management.
  3. Real-time GPS Tracking: Seamlessly integrates real-time GPS tracking for enhanced monitoring capabilities.
  4. External Mini Printer: Features an external mini printer to facilitate record-keeping and documentation.
  5. Safety Risk Avoidance: Mitigates potential safety risks associated with over speed driving, providing safer journeys.
  6. Free Accelerator Pedal Action: Allows free acceleration within the defined speed limit for operational flexibility.

Applications of Shenzhen Cantrack VSL100:

  1. Vehicle Commanding and Dispatching System: Enhances vehicle management through effective commanding and dispatching.
  2. Heavy Construction Vehicles Tracking Device: Monitors heavy construction vehicles to ensure efficient and safe operations.
  3. Dangerous Goods Transportation: Safely manages the transportation of hazardous goods, prioritizing security and compliance.
  4. Passenger Car Management: Optimizes passenger car management for smoother and more controlled operations.
  5. Logistics Vehicle Management: Streamlines logistics vehicle management, providing timely and secure deliveries.
  6. Oil Tanker Monitoring and Management: Provides critical monitoring and management for oil tanker fleets, giving integrity and safety.

Additional Features of Shenzhen Cantrack VSL100:

The VSL100, a next-gen GPS speed limiter, revolutionizes speed control with its microcomputer precision and real time tracking capabilities.

Boasting a contemporary design, this device ensures effective speed management and integrates easily with real time GPS tracking. The incorporation of an external mini printer adds practicality, allowing easy documentation and record keeping.

Beyond its technological features, the VSL100 addresses safety concerns by mitigating potential risks associated with over-speed driving. Simultaneously, it allows free action of the accelerator pedal within the set speed limit, balancing safety with operational flexibility.

In diverse applications, from vehicle commanding and dispatching systems to heavy construction vehicle tracking, dangerous goods transportation, passenger car management, logistics vehicle management, and oil tanker monitoring, the VSL100 proves versatile and indispensable.

In conclusion, the VSL100 by Cantrack emerges as a reliable and efficient solution, combining advanced technology with practical safety measures. Its tailored design for the African market positions it as a valuable asset across various industries, promoting safer, more controlled, and well-managed vehicle operations.

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