Shenzhen Cantrack TK200AM


The Shenzhen Cantrack TK200AM, a GPS tracker utilizing the GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellites, locates and monitors remote targets via GPRS with built-in antennas.

This TK200AM tracker stands out as an ultra-long standby positioning device, catering to automotive wind control and asset tracking management. It addresses the industry challenge of malicious searches for GPS trackers by providing positioning once a day, standing for three years. Its compact design facilitates easy concealment, offering GPS/LBS/Wi-Fi multiple positioning for faster and more accurate tracking.

In various production applications, the Shenzhen Cantrack TK200AM proves its versatility:

  1. Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking: Optimize logistics with precise vehicle tracking for efficient fleet management.
  2. Car Service Shop/Car Rental: Enhance operational efficiency in car service shops or rental businesses with reliable tracking.
  3. Vehicle Insurance: TK200AM Elevate security measures for insured vehicles with accurate and timely data for enhanced risk management.
  4. Motorcycle and Electric Bike Tracking: Ensure the safety and security of motorcycles and electric bikes with effective tracking.
  5. Asset/Container Tracking Management: Streamline asset and container tracking for efficient management.

Noteworthy features of TK200AM include:

  1. Positioning and Tracking: Utilize the online Positioning Platform or the app for accurate tracking.
  2. Standby Mode Lasts 3 Years & Real-Time Tracking Mode Lasts 2 Days: Balances long standby periods with the ability for real-time tracking when needed.
  3. Default 24 Hours Standby Mode (LBS & WiFi Tracking): For less battery consumption, providing an accurate but less frequent update.
  4. Device Default Update Only One Location Every 24 Hours: TK200AM Enters “power-off” mode to save battery until the next 24-hour cycle.
  5. Switch Real-Time Tracking Mode on APP or GPS Platform When Urgent Using: Consumes battery within two days for urgent tracking.
  6. Anti-Tamper Alarm: Sends an alarm to the app if the device is removed, providing an additional layer of security.

In conclusion, the TK200AM stands as an efficient and versatile GPS tracker, offering reliable and long-lasting tracking solutions for various applications. Its ultra-long standby capability, multiple positioning options, and anti-tamper features make it a valuable choice.

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