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Shenzhen Cantrack TK103B

TK103B product is based on GSM/GPS satellite positioning system, anti-theft alarm, positioning, monitoring, first aid, and tracking functions in the integration of new products, through short messages or the Internet for remote target positioning or monitor is mainly used in vehicles and other mobile object positioning and tracking service.


The TK103A(TK103B) tracker operates on the GSM/GPRS/LBS/AGPS network and GPS satellite positioning system, amalgamating security, monitoring, and tracking functions easily.

Product Features of Shenzhen Cantrack TK103B:

  1. Real-time Tracking: Continuously monitor and track remote targets through SMS, web, or the dedicated app.
  2. Disable Petrol/Power: Exercise control by disabling petrol or power, providing security measures.
  3. Overspeed Alarm: Receive alerts for overspeed incidents, promoting safer driving practices and vehicle security.
  4. Ignition On Alarm: Stay informed with alarms triggered upon ignition, providing awareness of vehicle activities.
  5. Cut-off Alarm: Enhance security with cut-off alarms, unauthorized vehicle usage, and safety.
  6. Geo Fence/SOS Alarm: Set geo-fences for secure zones and trigger SOS alarms in emergency situations.
  7. History Trace Replay: Review past movements easily with the convenient history trace replay feature.
  8. Vibration Detection: Detect vibrations to alert potential unauthorized access or tampering.
  9. Support SD Card: Expand storage capabilities with SD card support for extensive data retention.
  10. Door Detection Alarm: Receive alerts for door detection, adding an extra layer of security against intrusion.
  11. Disarm/Arm with Controller: Conveniently disarm or arm the system using a controller for added accessibility.

Additional Features of Shenzhen Cantrack TK103B:

The TK103A(TK103B) tracker easily integrates security, monitoring, and tracking functions, giving comprehensive control and awareness.

This tracker, utilizing GSM/GPRS/LBS/AGPS and GPS satellite positioning, offers real time tracking accessible through SMS, web, or the dedicated app. Its features include the ability to disable petrol/power remotely, alerting for overspeed incidents, ignition on alarms, and cut-off alarms for better security.

Geo fence and SOS alarms add layers of safety, allowing users to define secure zones and trigger emergency alerts when needed. The history trace replay feature simplifies the review of past movements for tracking analysis.

The vibration detection warns against potential unauthorized access, while SD card support extends data storage capabilities. Door detection alarms and the ability to disarm/arm the system using a controller contribute to a comprehensive security suite.

In essence, the TK103A(TK103B) tracker provides a user friendly and multifunctional solution for security, monitoring, and tracking, making it an indispensable tool for efficient and secure vehicle management.

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