Shenzhen Cantrack TK100B

Shenzhen Cantrack TK100B

Shenzhen Cantrack TK100B, the advanced GT06/TK100 pro version developed by Cantrack in 2023. It includes enhanced features like wireless remote control and a compact horn, setting it apart from the Accurate TK100.

Key Features of Shenzhen Cantrack TK100B:

  1. Real-time Tracking: Keep updated with precise location information in real-time for effective monitoring.
  2. Remote Engine Control: Gain control over the engine remotely, adding a layer of convenience and security.
  3. Two-Way Calling: Facilitate communication with the ability for two-way calling, ensuring seamless interaction.
  4. Geo-fencing: Set geographical boundaries for efficient tracking and receive alerts for any breaches.
  5. SMS Inquiry: Retrieve information through SMS, while offering a convenient way to access data.
  6. Car Finding: Locate your vehicle effortlessly with the car finding feature, enhancing user convenience.
  7. Anti-theft Armed/Disarmed: Activate or deactivate anti-theft measures for enhanced security.
  8. One Key to Cut Fuel: Streamline fuel management with a single key, providing control and efficiency.
  9. One Key for SOS: Ensure safety with a dedicated SOS key, while allowing quick access to emergency services.

Additional Information of Shenzhen Cantrack TK100B:

TK100B, as the upgraded version, outshines its predecessor, Accurate TK100, by incorporating additional features like a wireless remote control and a compact horn. These enhancements offer users improved functionality and convenience.

The main allure of TK100B lies in its diverse features. Real-time tracking ensures you are always aware of your vehicle’s location. Remote engine control adds an extra layer of security and convenience while allowing you to manage your vehicle from a distance. Two-way calling promotes seamless communication while geo-fencing aids in setting and monitoring virtual boundaries.

SMS inquiry provides easy access to information, and the car finding feature simplifies locating your vehicle. The anti-theft armed/disarmed feature enhances security measures, and the one-key functionalities for fuel control and SOS add practicality to the device.

In conclusion, TK100B emerges as a reliable and feature-rich GPS tracker, offering an array of functionalities designed to enhance vehicle monitoring, security, and user convenience. With its upgraded features, it stands out as a valuable choice for those seeking a comprehensive solution for their tracking and control needs.

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