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Shenzhen Cantrack TK08A

TK08A is a GPS Tracker for 9~90V ebike/scootor/vehicles. It’s working in view of GSM/GPRS organization and GPS satellites, this item can find and screen any remote focuses with worked in radio wires by SMS or GPRS. With its smaller plan, the gadget can undoubtedly interface with vehicle battery to secure constant information, for example, vehicle position, start status, speed information, likewise can somewhat debilitate the motor to stop vehicle for hostile to burglary reason. And every one of these data will be transfer through GPRS to server for additional examination, measurements, stockpiling and greater application.


The Shenzhen Cantrack TK08A, a GPS tracker designed for 9~90V e-bikes, scooters, and vehicles, operates on the GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellites. This device efficiently locates and monitors remote targets through built-in antennas using SMS or GPRS. Its compact design seamlessly connects to the car battery, obtaining real-time data like position, ignition status, and speed. Additionally, it offers the capability to remotely disable the engine for anti-theft purposes.

In terms of production applications, the Shenzhen Cantrack TK08A finds its utility in various scenarios:

  1. Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking: Streamline logistics with TK08A for efficient fleet management and precise vehicle tracking.
  2. Car Service Shop: Enhance operational dynamics in car service shops by integrating TK08A, enabling real-time monitoring and improved customer service.
  3. Vehicle Insurance: TK08A Elevate security measures for insured vehicles by incorporating TK08A, providing insurers with accurate data for enhanced risk management.
  4. Motorcycle and Electric Bike Anti-Theft: Bolster security against theft for motorcycles and electric bikes with TK08A, offering a robust defense mechanism.
  5. Working Range 9-90V DC: With a versatile working range of 9-90V DC, TK08A proves suitable for a diverse array of vehicles, ensuring compatibility across different makes and models.

Highlighting the production features of TK08A:

  1. Vehicle/Scooter/Motorcycle Tracking: Versatile tracking for a variety of vehicles.
  2. Real-time Tracking by SMS/Platform/APP: Stay updated seamlessly through multiple channels.
  3. Speeding/Geo-fence Alarm: Receive alerts for speeding or geo-fence breaches.
  4. ACC ON SMS Alarm: Get notified when the vehicle’s ACC is turned on.
  5. Power Cut Alarm with Built-in Battery: TK08A Ensures continuous functionality even during power cuts.
  6. Vibration Alarm: Alerts for any unusual vibrations or movement.
  7. Power-saving Mode During Parking: Optimize power consumption when the vehicle is parked.
  8. Support Memory Storage When GSM Lost: Retain data even in the absence of GSM signals.
  9. Support Angle Change Upload Location: TK08A Enhance tracking accuracy with angle-based updates.
  10. Disable Fuel or Electricity: Additional control over the vehicle’s functionality.

In summary, the TK08A’s user-friendly design and comprehensive features make it a valuable asset for diverse applications, providing efficient tracking solutions and enhanced security measures for vehicles.

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