Shenzhen Cantrack NB20

NB20 Tracking Device

PetCute Shenzhen Cantrack NB20 stands out as a waterproof 4G Pet GPS tracker, blending Airtag anti-loss functionality with GPS technology for optimal pet tracking.

Key Features of Shenzhen Cantrack NB20:

  1. 4G Pet GPS/WiFi/Bluetooth Tracking: Comprehensive tracking options for enhanced location accuracy.
  2. Super Light and Small: Weighing just 28g, it’s the smallest pet GPS tracker, ensuring comfort for your pet.
  3. 3-Month Standby: Long-lasting standby mode, providing reliable tracking over an extended period.
  4. Bluetooth Scanning: NB20 Quickly locate your pet indoors through Bluetooth scanning, ensuring swift retrieval.
  5. Collar Harness Compatibility: Easily attachable to your pet’s collar harness, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.
  6. Accurate Tracking: NB20 Offers precise tracking both indoors and outdoors, guaranteeing peace of mind.
  7. Urgent Track Mode: Updates location every 120 seconds when activated, ensuring real-time tracking in urgent situations.
  8. Smart Mode Switching: Automatically shifts between Bluetooth standby, walking, and urgent track modes based on activity.
  9. Remote LED Night Light: NB20 Enhances visibility in the dark by remotely activating the LED night light feature.
  10. Customizable Working Modes: Tailor the tracking experience with options like Bluetooth standby, walking, and urgent track modes.
  11. History Trace Playback: Conveniently review your pet’s past movements through the intuitive tracking app.
  12. Low Battery Alarm & Geo-fence: Receive alerts for low battery and define safe zones with the geo-fence feature in urgent track mode.

Additional Features of Shenzhen Cantrack NB20:

PetCute NB20 redefines pet tracking with its blend of advanced features, ensuring the safety and well-being of your beloved pet.

Equipped with 4G, WiFi, and Bluetooth tracking, it offers versatility in locating your pet with precision. Despite its powerful capabilities, the tracker remains lightweight at 28g, making it the smallest pet GPS tracker for optimal comfort.

With a remarkable three-month standby time, PetCute NB20 ensures reliable tracking over an extended period, minimizing the need for frequent recharging. The Bluetooth scanning feature is a standout, facilitating quick indoor location tracking for prompt retrieval.

Compatibility with collar harnesses ensures a secure and comfortable fit for your pet, allowing seamless integration into their daily routine. Whether indoors or outdoors, the tracker delivers accurate tracking, providing peace of mind for pet owners.

The Urgent Track Mode, updating location every 120 seconds, guarantees real-time tracking in critical situations. Smart mode switching adapts to your pet’s activity, seamlessly transitioning between Bluetooth standby, walking, and urgent track modes.

Remote activation of the LED night light improves visibility in low-light conditions, enhancing your pet’s safety during evening walks. Customizable working modes and history trace playback add further convenience to the tracking experience.

PetCute NB20’s commitment to safety is evident with features like low battery alarms and geo-fencing in urgent track mode, ensuring that pet owners stay informed and in control.

In conclusion, PetCute NB20 stands as a reliable, user-friendly, and feature-rich 4G pet GPS tracker, offering a comprehensive solution for pet owners seeking optimal tracking and safety for their furry companions.

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