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Shenzhen Cantrack GF30 Magnet

GF30 MAGNET Tracking Device

Shenzhen Cantrack GF30 Magnet, a 1600mAh version asset GPS tracker, providing remote voice listening and tracking on the SecumorePlus platform.

Key Features of Shenzhen Cantrack GF30 Magnet:

  1. Real GPS+LBS+AGPS Tracking: Combine GPS, LBS, and AGPS for accurate and reliable tracking.
  2. Strong Magnet Design: GF30 Enhances ease of use with a robust magnetic design for secure attachment.
  3. Accurate Tracking via SMS/Platform/APP: Utilize SMS, the platform, or the app for precise tracking.
  4. Geo-fence/Low Battery Alarm: Set geographical boundaries and receive alerts for low battery levels.
  5. Vibration Alarm: Get notified of any unusual movements with a vibration alarm.
  6. Voice Listen/Voice Recording: GF30 Enable remote voice listening and recording functionalities for enhanced monitoring.
  7. Power Saving Mode: Optimize battery usage with a power-saving mode.
  8. Support Memory Storage When GSM Lost: Retain data storage capability even when GSM signals are lost.

Additional Features of Shenzhen Cantrack GF30 Magnet:

The GF30 asset GPS tracker offers an array of features. Combining GPS, LBS, and AGPS ensures accurate and reliable tracking. Its strong magnet design ensures secure attachment, while tracking can be done seamlessly via SMS, the platform, or the app.

Enhancing security, while GF30 provides the option for geo-fencing and alerts for low battery levels. A vibration alarm adds an extra layer of protection, alerting users to any unusual movements.

For comprehensive monitoring, while GF30 allows remote voice listening and recording. The power-saving mode optimizes battery usage, extending the tracker’s operational life.

Even if GSM signals are lost, the GF30 stands out by supporting memory storage, ensuring it retains critical data for later retrieval.

In conclusion, the GF30 asset GPS tracker is a versatile solution offering a blend of accuracy, security, and monitoring capabilities. Its user-friendly design, coupled with essential features, positions it as a reliable choice for those seeking efficient and comprehensive asset tracking solutions.

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