Shenzhen Cantrack GF20-Mini Magnet

Shenzhen Cantrack GF20-Mini Magnet

Shenzhen Cantrack GF20-Mini Magnet, is a compact magnet GPS tracker perfect for short-term GPS tracking in small bags or discreetly hidden on cars.

Additionally, it offers an optional voice remote listening function, adding versatility to its features.

Key Features of Shenzhen Cantrack GF20-Mini Magnet:

  1. Finger Size: 50mm27mm25 mm: Compact design for easy concealment in small spaces.
  2. Real GPS/LBS/AGPS Tracking: Utilize GPS, LBS, and AGPS for accurate and reliable tracking.
  3. Accurate Tracking via SMS/Platform/APP: Track precisely through SMS, platform, or the app.
  4. Geo-fence/Low Battery Alarm: Set geographical boundaries and receive alerts for low battery levels.
  5. Vibration Alarm: Be notified of any unexpected movements with a vibration alarm.
  6. Voice Listen/Voice Recording: Enable remote voice listening and recording for enhanced monitoring.
  7. Multiple Working Modes: Choose from various working modes based on tracking needs.
  8. Support Memory Storage When GSM Lost: Ensure data retention even when GSM signals are lost.
  9. Standby Time 5~8 Days: Enjoy an extended standby time, lasting 5 to 8 days.

Additional Information on Shenzhen Cantrack GF20-Mini Magnet:

  • The GF20, with its finger-size design, is ideal for inconspicuous placement in small bags or discreet tracking on cars for short periods.
  • Adding to its versatility is the optional voice remote listening function, providing an extra layer of functionality to suit different tracking needs.
  • Delving into its features, the GF20 incorporates GPS, LBS, and AGPS for accurate tracking accessible through SMS, platform, or the app.
  • Enhanced security features include geo-fencing and low battery alerts, with an additional vibration alarm for unexpected movements.
  • For comprehensive monitoring, the GF20 enables remote voice listening and recording, enhancing its utility.
  • Multiple working modes cater to diverse tracking requirements, while support for memory storage ensures data retention even in the absence of GSM signals.
  • Lastly, its impressive standby time of 5 to 8 days makes the GF20 a reliable choice for short-term tracking needs.

In summary, the GF20 combines compact design, versatile features, and extended standby time, making it an efficient and practical choice for discreet GPS tracking in various scenarios.

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