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Shenzhen Cantrack G900LS

Shenzhen Cantrack G900LS

Shenzhen Cantrack G900LS, a 4G global version car GPS tracker available in 4pin & 8Pin variants for diverse applications.

CANTRACK’s GPS Tracker Motorcycle G900, featuring GPS & GSM/GPRS technology, is a reliable solution for tracking vehicles. This positioning device, equipped with built-in GPS and GSM/GPRS, precisely pinpoints locations based on satellite data. It ensures accurate location information even under dynamic conditions, providing longitude and latitude coordinates to authorized phones.

Key Attributes of Shenzhen Cantrack G900LS:

  1. Real-time tracking by APP/Platform: Stay updated on movements instantly via the dedicated app or platform.
  2. Movement/Ignition on/off alarm: Receive alerts for vehicle movement or ignition status changes.
  3. Speeding/ACC detection: Monitor speed and detect ACC for enhanced safety measures.
  4. Power Cut alarm with internal battery: Stay informed in case of power interruptions, thanks to the internal battery.
  5. Angle change update location: Track location updates triggered by changes in vehicle angle.
  6. Disable fuel or electricity (optional): Optional feature to control fuel or electricity remotely.

The G900LS and CANTRACK’s GPS Tracker Motorcycle G900 offer seamless tracking solutions, ensuring you stay informed about your vehicle’s whereabouts and status. With real-time tracking capabilities, alarms for various events, and optional controls, these devices provide a reliable and comprehensive solution for effective vehicle monitoring.

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