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Shenzhen Cantrack G200NY


The Shenzhen Cantrack G200NY, a 4G GPS tracker designed for efficient remote tracking management of cows, camels, and sheep.

Product Specifications of Shenzhen Cantrack G200NY:

  • Weight: Around 700g.
  • Shell Material: Made of ABS fireproof material.
  • Waterproof: Boasts IP67 super waterproof rating.
  • Shell Strength Class: UV impact grade IK10; hardness grade ≥ Rockwell 110.
  • Network Standard: Supports 4G full Netcom + mobile 2G.
  • Communication Module: Equipped with SIMCom LTE A7670C.
  • Positioning Chip: Utilizes AT6558R for precise tracking.
  • Remote Upgrade: Allows for convenient OTA upgrades.
  • Targeting: Employs GPS+Beidou+LBS+AGPS for accurate positioning.
  • Battery Capacity: Powered by a 30000MA high concentration pure cobalt polymer battery with a minimum discharge of 2.5V.
  • Charging Time: Takes approximately 12 hours to charge.
  • Standby Time: Impressive 180 days of standby time.
  • Charging Interface: Features a Type-C charging interface.

Additional Features of Shenzhen Cantrack G200NY:

The G200NY emerges as a reliable 4G GPS tracker tailored for the effective management of remote livestock tracking, including cows, camels, and sheep.

This tracker, weighing around 700g, boasts a robust ABS fireproof material shell, ensuring durability in various conditions. Its superior IP67 waterproof rating guarantees resilience against water exposure.

Constructed with precision, the shell meets UV impact grade IK10 and exhibits a hardness grade of ≥ Rockwell 110, ensuring durability and longevity.

The G200NY adheres to modern connectivity standards, supporting 4G full Netcom along with mobile 2G capabilities. Its communication module, the SIMCom LTE A7670C, facilitates seamless communication.

For accurate positioning, the tracker employs a combination of GPS, Beidou, LBS, and AGPS technologies. This comprehensive approach ensures precise tracking in diverse environments.

With a substantial battery capacity of 30000MA, featuring high concentration pure cobalt polymer, the G200NY ensures prolonged functionality. The minimum discharge of 2.5V enhances its efficiency.

Charging the device is a straightforward process, taking approximately 12 hours, and once charged, it boasts an impressive standby time of 180 days. The Type-C charging interface adds to its convenience.

In essence, the G200NY stands out as a versatile and durable 4G GPS tracker, designed to meet the specific needs of remote tracking management for livestock. Its blend of advanced features and robust design positions it as a reliable choice in the domain of livestock monitoring.

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