Shenzhen Cantrack G200(L)


Shenzhen Cantrack G200(L), a GPS tracker, relies on the GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellites, efficiently locating and monitoring remote targets via GPRS with built-in antennas.

Designed for ultra-long standby positioning, it serves automotive wind control and asset tracking management. This resolves industry challenges, positioning daily for three years, featuring a compact design for discreet hiding. Utilizing GPS/LBS enables faster, more accurate positioning in varied environments.

Key Features of Shenzhen Cantrack G200(L):

  1. Positioning and Tracking: Accessible through the online Positioning Platform or the app.
  2. Standby Mode Lasts 45 Days: Balancing extended standby time for prolonged use.
  3. Real-Time Tracking/Power-Saving Mode Switch: Choose between real-time tracking and power-saving modes.
  4. GPS Sleep Mode in Parking Status: Enhances efficiency by entering sleep mode during parking, updating only heartbeat data.
  5. Anti-Tamper Alarm: G200(L) Sends alerts if the device is removed, ensuring security.
  6. Overspeed Alert: Alerts authorized numbers when the vehicle exceeds the speed limit.
  7. Geo-fence: G200(L) Restricts movement within a district, sending alerts if breached.
  8. Memory Data Storage: Saves 1400 GPS locations when GSM signal is lost, uploading when signals are restored.

Additional Features of Shenzhen Cantrack G200(L):

The G200(L) stands out with its multifaceted features. Users can access positioning and tracking effortlessly through the online platform or the user-friendly app.

G200(L) With a standby mode lasting an impressive 45 days, the G200 strikes a balance between prolonged use and efficient tracking. Users can switch between real-time tracking and power-saving modes based on their specific needs.

The GPS sleep mode during parking optimizes energy consumption. The device enters sleep mode, sending only heartbeat data to maintain online status. This feature ensures efficient tracking without unnecessary power drain.

Security is a top priority with the anti-tamper alarm. If someone attempts to remove the device, it sends alarms to the platform and app, ensuring prompt action.

G200(L) Overspeed alerts add an extra layer of safety, notifying authorized numbers when the vehicle exceeds the speed limit. The geo-fence feature restricts movements within a set district, sending alerts if breached.

In cases of GSM signal loss, the G200(L) proves its reliability by saving up to 1400 GPS locations. Once signals are restored, it uploads the saved data to the server, ensuring no information is lost.

In conclusion, the G200(L) combines practicality, efficiency, and security, making it a versatile GPS tracker for various applications. Its user-friendly design, coupled with a robust feature set, positions it as a reliable choice for those seeking effective and secure tracking solutions.

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