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Shenzhen Cantrack G07L

G07L GPS Device

The Shenzhen Cantrack G07L, a 4G version car GPS tracker, is compatible with vehicles spanning 9~90V, ensuring widespread applicability.

Notable Features of Shenzhen Cantrack G07L:

  1. Real-time tracking via APP/Platform: Stay connected easily.
  2. Movement/Vibration alarm: Receive alerts for any unexpected activity.
  3. Ignition status detection & alarm: G07L Monitor and get notified about ignition status.
  4. Power Cut alarm with internal battery (optional): Ensures continuous functionality, even in power cuts.
  5. Angle change update location: Stay updated based on angle shifts.
  6. Memory storage when signal lost: Retain data even during signal loss.
  7. Set flexible sleep mode: G07L Optimize power consumption with customizable sleep settings.
  8. Set GPS not drifting after parking: Maintain accurate GPS positioning post parking.

Technical Specifications of Shenzhen Cantrack G07L:

  1. Tracking sensitivity -165dBm: High sensitivity for precise tracking.
  2. Location accuracy <5 meters CEP: G07L Ensure accurate location information.
  3. Time To First Fix (open sky): Cold status <35s, Hot status <1s for quick positioning.
  4. Working voltage 9-90VDC: Wide voltage range for compatibility.
  5. GPRS Protocol Class12, TCP/IP: G07L Reliable data transmission protocols.
  6. Operating temp -20°C to +70°C: Suitable for diverse environmental conditions.
  7. Back up battery (optional) 80mAh /3.7V Li-Polymer battery: Optional backup for good functionality.
  8. Standby & Working Consumption 5mA~50mA: Efficient power management.
  9. GSM/GPS antenna Built-in: G07L Streamlined design with built-in antennas.
  10. G-Sensor Support: Integration for enhanced functionality.
  11. Memory storage 2000 data: G07L Capacity to store substantial tracking information.

In summary, the G07L stands out as a better 4G car GPS tracker, offering comprehensive features for real time tracking, security alerts, and efficient power management. Its wide voltage compatibility and technical specifications make it a reliable choice for diverse vehicle tracking needs.

Integration of the G07L device is subject to the terms and conditions of our software.