Shenzhen Cantrack G06L

G06L is a multi-utilitarian 4G LTE rendition Vehicle GPS trackers with discretionary far off regulator delivered by Cantrack in mid 2022.

Support OTA and discretionary caution bell for against burglary reason.


The Shenzhen Cantrack G06L, a compact and advanced 4G GPS Tracker specifically crafted for vehicles, distinguishes itself with its diminutive size and the convenience of an internal GPS/GSM antenna. Tailored for diverse modes of transportation, including motorcycles, cars, and scooters, this device accommodates a wide voltage range, supporting 9-36VDC volts. Notably, it features a digital output designed for power-off relay connections, ensuring efficient control, along with a digital input for ignition detection, enhancing its utility in-vehicle monitoring.

In terms of production applications, the Shenzhen Cantrack G06L proves its versatility:

  1. Fleet Management: Optimize logistics with G06L for streamlined operations and efficient vehicle tracking, ensuring optimal fleet performance.
  2. Car Service Shop: Integrate G06L for real time monitoring, enhancing service efficiency, and improving customer satisfaction in car service shops.
  3. Vehicle Insurance: Enhance insured vehicle security with G06L, providing insurers timely and accurate data for improved risk management.
  4. Anti-Theft for Motorcycles and Electric Bikes: Use G06L to boost security, offering a robust defense against unauthorized access and theft.
  5. Voltage Range 9-36V DC: G06L’s adaptable voltage suits various vehicles, ensuring compatibility across different makes and models for versatile application.

In summary, the G06L’s compact design, coupled with its nuanced features, positions it as a valuable asset across different industries. Whether deployed for fleet management, vehicle servicing, insurance purposes, or anti-theft measures. Its adaptability and expansive working range make it a reliable and comprehensive choice for businesses and individuals.

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