Shenzhen Cantrack G05N

G05N is a GPS Tracker working in light of GSM/GPRS organization and GPS satellites, this item can find and screen any remote focuses with worked in recieving wires by SMS or GPRS. With its reduced plan, the gadget can undoubtedly interface with vehicle battery to get constant information, for example, vehicle position, start status, speed information, likewise can somewhat debilitate the motor to stop vehicle for against robbery reason and trigger SOS caution through squeezing button. And every one of these data will be transfer by means of GPRS to server for additional examination, insights, stockpiling and greater application.

G05N GPS Device

The Shenzhen Cantrack G05N, a GPS tracker, operates on the GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellites, enabling remote target location and monitoring via SMS or GPRS. Its built-in antennas facilitate easy connectivity, drawing real time data, including car position, ignition status, and speed information. Additionally, it offers the capability to remotely disable the engine for anti-theft purposes and trigger SOS alarms by pressing a button. All gathered information is uploaded via GPRS to a server, paving the way for extensive analysis, statistics, and storage.

In terms of production applications, the Shenzhen Cantrack G05N proves its utility in various scenarios:

  1. Fleet Management and Vehicle Tracking: Optimize logistics by utilizing G05N for efficient fleet management and precise vehicle tracking.
  2. Car Service Shop: Enhance operational dynamics in car service shops by integrating G05N, allowing for real time monitoring and improved customer service.
  3. Vehicle Insurance: Elevate security measures for insured vehicles by incorporating G05N, providing insurers with accurate data for better risk management.
  4. Motorcycle and Electric Bike Anti-Theft: Utilize G05N to bolster security against theft for motorcycles and electric bikes.
  5. Working Range: With a versatile working range of 9-36V DC, G05N proves suitable for a diverse array of vehicles.

In essence, the G05N’s functionality extends to diverse applications, from fleet management to anti theft measures. Its user friendly design, coupled with the ability to provide real-time data and trigger alarms, and positions. It as a reliable choice for businesses and individuals seeking efficient and versatile GPS tracking solutions.

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