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Shenzhen Cantrack C32

Cantrack C32

The Shenzhen Cantrack C32, a compact GPS tracker, is designed for 9~90V vehicles, motorcycles, and e-bikes. It offers real-time location reporting and remote engine control, including reading the car air conditioner status. All data defaults to being sent to the backend server and the SecumorePlus app.

Key Features of Shenzhen Cantrack C32:

  1. 9-90V Vehicle/Scooter/Motorcycle Tracking: Versatile tracking for various vehicles.
  2. Real-Time Tracking: Stay updated with live location information.
  3. Cut Fuel/Resume Fuel (Optional): Optional control over fuel supply for added security.
  4. Power Removal/Ignition/Vibrate Alarm: Receive alerts for potential threats.
  5. Support Angle Upload Location: Cantrack C32 Enhanced tracking with angle-based updates.
  6. Support 1500 Data Memory Storage: Ample storage for historical tracking data.
  7. Remote Upgrade via OTA: Convenient updates for improved functionality.
  8. External Voltage Detection: Monitor external voltage for comprehensive vehicle insights.

The Shenzhen Cantrack C32’s versatility extends to its applicability across a range of vehicles, providing real-time tracking, security features, and remote control options. With the ability to cut/resume fuel, receive alarms, and store extensive tracking data, it caters to diverse tracking needs.

This GPS tracker excels in real-time tracking, offering comprehensive security features. Whether you’re monitoring a vehicle’s location, controlling fuel supply, or receiving alerts for ignition and vibrations, the Cantrack C32 ensures a reliable and user-friendly experience.

In addition, the Cantrack C32 supports angle-based location updates, allowing for precise tracking. With 1500 data memory storage, historical information is easily accessible. The option for remote upgrades via OTA ensures continuous improvements and adaptability.

Furthermore, the C32 provides external voltage detection, offering insights into the vehicle’s power status. This comprehensive feature set, combined with its user-friendly design, positions the  Cantrack C32 as a reliable choice for anyone seeking efficient and versatile vehicle tracking solutions.

Integration of the device is subject to the terms and conditions of our GPS tracking and fleet management software.