Benway GT02B


The Benway GT02B Vehicle GPS Tracker, a practical solution with model number GT02B, featuring GPS+LBS double finding, making it suitable for effective vehicle tracking. This tracker boasts an inbuilt G-Sensor, ACC identification, and motor cut-off capabilities, ensuring a comprehensive approach to monitoring. Operating with a power supply range of 9-50V, it facilitates point figures transfers and information storage even in the absence of GSM connectivity.

Features of Benway GT02B:

The GT02B comes equipped with essential features, including locating and tracking functions, vibration detection, real-time tracking, engine cut-off, and ACC detection. These features collectively enhance its usability and effectiveness in various tracking scenarios.

The Locating & Tracking feature ensures accurate positioning, providing users with real-time updates on the vehicle’s location. This proves invaluable for effective and reliable tracking.

Vibration Detect:

With its vibration detection capability, the GT02B responds to movements or disturbances, adding an extra layer of security and alerting users to potential unauthorized activities.

Real-time Tracking:

While the real-time tracking feature offers continuous monitoring, allowing users to stay informed about the vehicle’s movements and location updates.

Engine Cut Off:

Furthermore, The engine cut-off function provides an additional level of control, enabling users to remotely disable the vehicle’s engine.

ACC Detection:

Lastly, ACC detection ensures the tracker identifies when the vehicle’s ignition is turned on or off.


The GT02B Vehicle GPS Tracker is a user-friendly solution, effective for diverse tracking needs. With features like GPS+LBS double finding, inbuilt G-Sensor, ACC identification, and motor cut-off, it suits various applications. Additional functions such as vibration detection, real-time tracking, engine cut-off, and ACC detection enhance its versatility. Whether for personal or commercial use, the GT02B provides reliable, efficient monitoring, keeping users informed about their vehicle’s location and status in real-time.

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