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Benway BW602 Wireless

Benway BW602

The Benway BW602 Wireless, a remote long backup tracker ideal for vehicle, cargo, and resource monitoring. With model number BW602, this GPS tracker features GPS+LBS double finding and an inbuilt G-Sensor, accompanied by a flexible vibration alarm sensitivity from grades 1 to 5. Additionally, it includes a geo-wall feature and operates within a low voltage range of 1V to 4.2V, boasting an inbuilt 3000MAH rechargeable battery.

Specifications of Benway BW602 Wireless:

Designed as a GPS tracker under the brand name Benway, the BW602 weighs 200g and comes in a sleek black color, making it a discreet and practical choice for monitoring purposes.

Model Number and Use:

Identified by the model number BW602, this tracker is specifically tailored for automotive use, ensuring its compatibility and suitability for vehicle tracking applications.

GSM Frequency and GPRS:

Operating across the 850/900/1800/1900MHz GSM frequencies and supporting GPRS class 12 with TCP/IP, the BW602 guarantees comprehensive coverage and data transmission capabilities.

Working Voltage/Current and Certifications:

Operating within a voltage range of 1-4.2V, this tracker meets industry standards, holding certifications including CE, RoHs, and CCC, reflecting its compliance with quality and safety regulations.

GPS Sensitivity and Type:

Lastly, With a remarkable GPS sensitivity of -159dBm, the BW602 ensures accurate and reliable positioning. Categorized as a GPS tracker, it fulfills its purpose effectively.


In conclusion, the BW602 Remote Long Backup Tracker by Benway stands out as a reliable and versatile solution for vehicle, cargo, and resource monitoring. Its advanced features such as GPS+LBS double finding, flexible vibration alarm sensitivity, geo-wall functionality, and low voltage operation. The certifications it holds, coupled with its impressive GPS sensitivity, depict its adherence to quality standards. With its discreet design and compatibility for automotive use, the BW602 emerges as a practical choice for users seeking an efficient and dependable GPS tracker.

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