Benway BW09

Benway BW09 GPS Device

The Benway BW09 Multifunctional Vehicle GPS Tracker, model number BW09, with GPS+LBS double finding capabilities, ideal for efficient vehicle tracking. This tracker features an inbuilt G-Sensor, an internal battery, ACC and AC recognition, motor cut-off, voice checking, SOS emergency signal, and support for fuel recognition. It operates with a power supply range of 9-50V.

Product Specification of Benway BW09:

Categorized as a GPS tracker under the Benway brand, the BW09 boasts a plastic construction, compact in size at 6.8(L) x 3.8(W) x 1.1(H) cm. Operating within a voltage range of 9-50V, it utilizes an internal battery for seamless functionality.

Type and Brand:

Functioning as a GPS tracker, the BW09 bears the reputable Benway brand name, assuring users of quality and reliability.

Material and Size:

Constructed from durable plastic, this tracker is compact, measuring 6.8(L) x 3.8(W) x 1.1(H) cm, ensuring ease of installation and discreet placement within vehicles.

Voltage and Battery Type:

Operating with a voltage range of 9-50V, the BW09 accommodates various vehicle setups. Its internal battery ensures continuous functionality without external power sources.


In summary, the BW09 Multifunctional Vehicle GPS Tracker is a versatile and reliable solution for vehicle tracking needs. With its diverse functionalities, including GPS+LBS double finding, inbuilt G-Sensor, ACC and AC recognition, motor cut-off, voice checking, SOS emergency signal, and fuel recognition support, it offers comprehensive monitoring capabilities. Designed under the Benway brand, this compact and durable tracker operates within a wide voltage range. Its internal battery ensures uninterrupted functionality, making the BW09 an efficient and practical choice for users.

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