Benway BW02

Benway BW02

The Benway BW02 Vehicle GPS Tracker, designed for efficient vehicle tracking with its GPS+LBS double finding feature. Suitable for automobiles, this tracker comes equipped with an inbuilt G-Sensor, ACC discovery, and an optional motor cut-off. It operates with a power supply range of 9-50V and facilitates data transfer and storage even without GSM connection.

Specifications of Benway BW02:

Tailored for car fitment, the BW02 offers a range of functionalities including GPS positioning, route playback, vibration alarm, and over speed alarm. With its placement in vehicles, this tracker ensures comprehensive tracking capabilities.

Resolution and Function:

While resolution details are not specified, the BW02 focuses on essential functions like GPS positioning, playback routes, and alarm systems for vibration and over-speed scenarios.

Other Attributes:

Primarily placed within vehicles, this tracker operates independently of any specific operating system or screen type. Its connection relies on a 2G SIM card for easy functionality.

Warranty and Model Number:

Backed by an extensive 3-year warranty, the BW02, also identified as model number ET300, guarantees long-term reliability and performance. Its primary use revolves around automotive tracking.

Function and Model No:

Operating as a GPS+GSM+GPRS tracker under the model number ET300, this device ensures accurate and comprehensive tracking functionalities. Adorned in sleek black, it caters to various voltage ranges from 9-100V, ensuring compatibility across different vehicles.


In summary, the BW02 Vehicle GPS Tracker emerges as an efficient and reliable solution for vehicle tracking needs. With its robust features including GPS+LBS double finding, G-Sensor, ACC discovery, and optional motor cut-off, it prioritizes security and functionality. The 3-year warranty adds an extra layer of assurance, indicating its durability and long-term performance. While specifications like resolution remain unspecified, the BW02’s focus on essential tracking functions and its versatile fitment within automobiles make it a practical choice for users seeking an effective GPS tracking solution.

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