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SEEWORLD Technology S5E

S5E GPS device

Revolutionize your fleet management with the SEEWORLD S5E-3G, a cutting-edge multifunctional GPS tracker designed for transport vehicles. This advanced device is equipped with a range of features, including SOS emergency calling, while making it an invaluable asset for businesses seeking enhanced security and control.

SOS Emergency Call for Swift Response

In times of emergency, every second counts. The S5E-3G tracker stands out with its SOS emergency call feature, while providing a direct and swift means of communication. This ensures immediate assistance and reinforces the safety of your drivers and assets.

Comprehensive Security Measures

The S5E-3G goes beyond basic tracking. It incorporates essential security measures such as disassembly alarms, displacement alarms, as well as electronic fences. These features contribute to a robust security system that keeps you informed of any unauthorized activities or potential risks.

Remote Control at Your Fingertips

Experience unparalleled control over your vehicles with remote functionalities. The S5E-3G allows you to remotely cut off petrol or electricity, providing an effective means to immobilize a vehicle in case of theft or unauthorized use. The Over-The-Air (OTA) feature enables convenient firmware updates and configuration changes without physical intervention.

Precision Monitoring with Oil Quantity and Temperature Detection

Stay informed about your vehicle’s health with the S5E-3G’s support for oil quantity and temperature detection. This additional layer of monitoring ensures that you receive crucial data about the condition of your vehicles, while allowing for proactive maintenance and preventing potential issues.

Global High-Speed Positioning

Equipped with a 3G global high-speed chipset, the S5E-3G ensures lightning-fast and accurate positioning. Enjoy 1-second fast positioning, providing real-time location information that is vital for effective fleet management.

Versatile Applications

The multifunctional capabilities of the S5E-3G make it suitable for various industries, including transport, car rental, loan vehicles, and bus and fleet management. Its adaptability and feature-rich design make it a versatile solution for businesses with diverse operational needs.

Elevate your fleet management to new heights with the SEEWORLD S5E-3G multifunctional GPS tracker. Experience enhanced security, control, and monitoring for your transport vehicles.