SEEWORLD Technology S16L


Introducing the SEEWORLD S16L, a cutting-edge 4G GPS tracker designed explicitly for trailers and equipment. Boasting a rechargeable long-life battery, this device is equipped with a high-temperature-resistant safety explosion-proof lithium cobalt acid battery. With the S16L, you gain the capability to effortlessly configure multiple security, tracking, surveillance, emergency alerts, as well as administration functions for your valuable assets.

Intelligent Power-Saving Design

The S16L stands out with its intelligent power-saving mode, leveraging sensor design for optimal efficiency. This feature allows flexible switching between various working modes, accommodating diverse applications. Furthermore, notably, the device maintains functionality even without a SIM card, ensuring that power is not leaked in the absence of the card.

Cutting-Edge 4G Communication Technology

Built on 4G communication technology, the S16L employs the AT6558R chip, delivering stable communication, high positioning accuracy, low static drift, and minimal power consumption. The device also supports satellite positioning, BeiDou positioning, and both single-base station and multi-base station positioning modes.

User-Friendly Operation

Featuring a reset button for convenient restarts without disassembly, the S16L ensures ease of use. Moreover, inserting the SIM card is a breeze – simply open the waterproof cover, follow the directional guide for SIM card insertion, and power on the device. Once the card is in place, access the location through the dedicated app or platform.

`Stealthy Monitoring with No Light or Noise

The S16L enables discreet monitoring with its no-light, no-noise operation. This small magnetic tracker device also empowers you to quietly observe and supervise your surroundings without drawing attention.

Versatile Features for Comprehensive Tracking

The wireless GPS tracker for trailer tracking comes equipped with a range of features. It includes support for remote monitoring and automatic recording, blind spot retransmission, driving behavior analysis, speeding alarms, single-fence as well as multi-fence alarms, sound monitoring, and track recording.

Applications Across Industries

Ideal for businesses in the car loan, fleet and asset tracking, car rental, and transportation sectors, the S16L with its rechargeable long-life battery is a versatile solution for monitoring trucks, trailers, and various working vehicles.

Embrace unparalleled asset monitoring capabilities with the SEEWORLD S16L – where cutting-edge technology meets reliability.

** Integration is tailored to meet specific requirements, subject to applicable terms and conditions of our software.