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SEEWORLD Technology S11

Seaworld S11

The Seaworld S11 Mini GPS Tracker emerges as a powerhouse in real-time tracking, delivering accurate GPS/LBS positioning 24/7. Paired with our intuitive tracking software, WhatsGPS, this portable wireless GPS tracker provides seamless access to your vehicle, equipment, and assets’ real-time positions via SMS, app, or platform.

Securing Boundaries with Geo-Fencing

Utilize Geo-fencing capabilities to establish virtual boundaries, triggering alerts for arrivals, departures, as well as territorial management. This feature is invaluable for overseeing workspaces, managing territories, while ensuring restricted areas are respected.

Extended Battery Life for Reliability

With a robust 1200mAh battery, the S11 Mini GPS Tracker outshines competitors in the magnetic tracker arena, offering exceptional battery life. Count on continuous and reliable tracking without the frequent hassle of recharging.

Comprehensive Alert System

This portable magnetic car GPS tracker goes beyond location tracking, incorporating vibration, low power, as well as over-speed alarms. Receive instant alerts for over-speeding or any unusual vehicle attitude changes. The tracking system generates detailed reports, providing insights into your trips, speed, stops, and more.

Audio Monitoring for Enhanced Security

Equipped with audio monitoring capabilities, this small GPS security tracker adds an extra layer of security. Stay connected with what’s happening inside your vehicles, while ensuring a heightened sense of awareness.

G-Sensor Functions for Enhanced Safety

The S11 Mini Wireless Tracker introduces G-Sensor functions, measuring the G value of axis X, Y, or Z. When thresholds set by users are exceeded, alarms are triggered and sent to the backend CMS software, enhancing safety and responsiveness.

Portable Design for Effortless Deployment

Compact dimensions (L60.0mmW31.0mmH19.0mm) coupled with a magnetic base make this mini multi-functional GPS tracker effortlessly deployable. Simply affix it to your vehicle’s flat magnetic metal surface, and it’s ready for use.

Global Reach with a Robust Tracking System

Our GPS Tracking System, WhatsGPS, stands as a globally supported, accurate, and stable solution. Serving customers in over 100 countries and regions, it’s a go-to choice for industries like automobile leasing, logistics, and more. Ensure unified oversight, save on operational expenses, and enhance productivity.

Versatile Applications

The S11 Mini GPS Tracker finds its niche in various applications:

  • Car Loan Finance: Mitigate risks with real-time tracking.
  • Real-time Vehicle, Asset, and Fleet Equipment Tracking: Streamline control and monitoring.
  • Car and Vehicle Rental: Optimize rental fleet management.
  • Electric Motorcycle Management: Ensure the security of electric motorcycles.
  • Fleet Management: Enhance overall fleet efficiency.

Conclusion: A Compact Marvel Redefining Tracking

In conclusion, the Seaworld S11 Mini GPS Tracker is a compact marvel that redefines tracking by seamlessly blending precision, reliability, and advanced features. Elevate your tracking experience with the S11 for unparalleled security and efficiency.