SEEWORLD Technology S102T


Seeworld S102T, a cutting-edge four-wire real-time fleet GPS tracker tailored for the dynamic needs of the loan vehicle and car rental industry. Boasting a 2G network, this device comes equipped with a speed limiter and a street view map, setting a new standard for precision, security, as well as functionality.

GPS/BDS Dual Positioning for Unmatched Precision

The S102T supports GPS/BDS dual positioning technology, leveraging the power of GSM/GPRS/BDS communication and GPS satellites. This combination, backed by high-quality import chips, while it ensures real-time tracking updated every 10 seconds, achieving unparalleled accuracy in positioning.

Comprehensive Features for Enhanced Control

Designed with ABS&PC level materials, the S102T is robust, and capable of withstanding potential risks, including fire hazards. Its versatile features include:

  1. Remotely Cut-Off Petrol/Electricity and OTA: The S102T empowers fleet managers with the ability to remotely cut off petrol or electricity, providing an extra layer of security and control. The Over-The-Air (OTA) functionality allows for seamless firmware updates.
  2. ACC Detection and Alarm: The tracker includes ACC detection and alarm capabilities, alerting users to any unauthorized ignition or movement of the vehicle.
  3. Rapid Acceleration/Deceleration/Collision Alarm: Enhanced safety features also include alarms for rapid acceleration, deceleration, or collisions, ensuring prompt response to potential risks.
  4. Disassemble Alarm, Light Sensor, and Power-Off Detection: The device is equipped with disassemble alarms, light sensors, and power-off detection, fortifying the security measures for the loan and rental vehicles.
  5. Mini Size, Easy to Hide: The compact size of the S102T makes it easy to conceal, while offering a discreet tracking solution for various vehicles.

Real-time Tracking Every 10 Seconds

Seeworld’s commitment to real-time tracking is evident with updates every 10 seconds. This feature also ensures that fleet managers stay informed about the precise location and movement of their vehicles. It enables efficient monitoring and response.

Customizable GPS Tracking Platform

The WhatsGPS GPS tracking platform associated with the S102T is not just a tool; it’s a customizable solution. Tailored to meet customer needs, this platform offers flexibility and adaptability, while providing a comprehensive solution for fleet management.

Versatility Across Industries

The SEEWORLD fleet vehicle GPS tracker S102T finds applications across diverse industries, including:

  • Car rental
  • Loan vehicles
  • Assets tracking
  • Fleet/motorcycle/bus management
  • Logistics transport
  • Bike-sharing industries

Conclusion: S102T Redefines Fleet Management

In conclusion, the S102T stands as a revolutionary force in fleet management. It redefines industry standards with its advanced features, precision tracking, and robust design. For those in the loan vehicle and car rental sector, the S102T is not just a tracker; it’s a game-changer. Elevate your fleet management with the S102T for unmatched control, security, and efficiency.