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SEEWORLD Technology S06A

S06A GPS Device

Seeworld S06A, a wholesale 2G hardwired GPS tracker meticulously designed for delivery trucks. This smart and multi-functional tracking device operates on a robust 2G network, employing an advanced MTK2503D chip that supports GPS, LBS, and GLONASS satellite systems.

Advanced Features for Optimal Performance

Internal GSM/GPS Antenna and Integrated Sensors

The S06A comes equipped with an internal GSM/GPS antenna, a built-in microphone, light sensor, vibration sensor, and a substantial 300mAh rechargeable battery. These features collectively empower the tracker with functionalities that are indispensable for logistics, fleet management, and auto finance sectors.

Multiple Alarms for Enhanced Security

SOS Emergency Calls and Remote Voice Monitoring

The S06A stands out with its comprehensive security features, including SOS emergency calls and remote voice monitoring. The SOS panic button ensures swift response in critical situations, fostering a safer environment for both drivers and assets.

Extended Battery Life for Uninterrupted Tracking

Perfect for Prolonged Usage

Distinguishing itself from the S06U, the S06A boasts a larger battery capacity. This also ensures that the device remains operational even after the power is turned off, providing extended utility and uninterrupted tracking capabilities.

Cutting-edge Functionality for Precise Control

Remote Ignition Detection and Cut-off

The S06A offers remote ignition detection, while allowing fleet managers to have precise control over the vehicle’s ignition status. Furthermore, the capability to remotely cut off petrol or electricity adds an extra layer of security, especially in the event of unauthorized access.

Comprehensive Alarm System

ACC Detection, Rapid Acceleration/Deceleration Alarms

The tracker includes ACC detection, alerting users to any unauthorized ignition or movement. Additionally, rapid acceleration, deceleration, and collision alarms ensure immediate notifications, enabling swift responses to potential risks.

Enhanced Monitoring with Analytics

Driving Behavior Analysis

The S06A goes beyond tracking; it offers driving behavior analysis. Fleet managers can gain insights into driver behavior, optimize routes, ensuring safety, as well as reduce operational risks.

Versatile Application Across Industries

Tailored for Various Sectors

The S06A 2G wholesale delivery truck tracker finds applications across diverse industries, including:

  • Car rental
  • Loan vehicles
  • Fleet management
  • Official cars management industries

Conclusion: S06A Redefines Fleet Security

In conclusion, the Seeworld S06A emerges as a game-changer in fleet security, offering an array of features that redefine the standards for delivery truck tracking. From advanced sensors to extended battery life, the S06A caters to the evolving needs of logistics and fleet management, while ensuring enhanced security, control, and efficiency. Elevate your delivery truck management with the S06A, the wholesale 2G hardwired GPS tracker that sets new benchmarks in smart tracking technology.