SEEWORLD Technology S116T – 2G Anti-Theft

Seeworld S116T

Seeworld S116T, an innovative 2G anti-theft GPS tracker designed to enhance security for scooters, assets, and fleet vehicles. This GPS tracker goes beyond mere location tracking, offering a range of versatile alarm functions to keep your valuable assets secure.

Real-Time Location Tracking and Alerts

With the S116T GPS tracker, you gain the ability to precisely locate your scooter or motorcycle in real-time. The device is equipped with versatile alarm functions that promptly notify you in the event of shocks or unusual movements. This real-time tracking and alert system acts as a powerful deterrent against theft.

Effective Fleet Management

The Seeworld S116T extends its capabilities to serve as an effective fleet GPS tracking device. It provides crucial information such as distance traveled and fuel usage, enabling informed decision-making for efficient fleet management. The ability to monitor these key metrics empowers fleet operators to make judgments that contribute to cost savings.

Geofencing for Enhanced Security

With the S116T, you can establish geofences – virtual boundaries for your scooter or fleet. Receive instant notifications if the vehicle leaves the defined area, adding an extra layer of security. This geofencing feature proves invaluable in preventing unauthorized use or potential theft.

Compact and Covert Design

The S116T boasts a small and unobtrusive design, making it an ideal 2G GPS locator for discreet installation on cars, scooters, and fleet vehicles. The inconspicuous nature of the tracker adds an element of surprise for potential thieves, enhancing its effectiveness.

Key Features for Comprehensive Security

  • Real-time location checks via SMS/App/Platform
  • BDS/GPS/LBS positioning for accurate tracking
  • ACC ignition detection for precise monitoring
  • Built-in battery (80mAh) with external power disconnect alarm for anti-theft
  • Remote engine/oil stop and restore functionality
  • Vibration alarm for immediate response to suspicious activity
  • Over-speed alarm for safe driving monitoring
  • GEO fence alarm for geofencing security
  • Power-off alarm for added security measures

Secure Your Assets with S116T

Whether you are safeguarding your scooter or managing a fleet of vehicles, the S116T stands as a reliable and advanced solution. With its comprehensive features and real-time tracking capabilities, this 2G anti-theft GPS tracker ensures the security of your valuable assets. Experience peace of mind with the S116T – your trusted partner in asset security and fleet management.