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SEEWORLD Technology S112B


Introducing the SEEWORLD S112B, a robust 2G hardwired GPS tracker designed for motorcycles and fleet vehicles, tailored to meet the demands of leasing and mortgage companies. With a host of features and cloud-based technology, this GPS tracker offers precise location tracking, historical data analysis, and advanced security measures.

Seamless Tracking Experience with Cloud-Based Technology

Experience a seamless tracking experience with the S112B’s cloud-based technology, ensuring a 99.99 percent uptime and rapid data processing. With the ability to view your tracker’s location on a map, set alerts, and define boundaries, you gain comprehensive control over your fleet. The support for mobile phone remote control enhances the convenience of monitoring.

Precision and Speed with 2G Network Advantage

The S112B leverages the 2G network to provide precise and faster location data, enhancing the efficiency of fleet management. This advantage extends to various industries, including logistics, public leasing, fleet management, public transit, car renting, and traffic management.

Comprehensive Data for Informed Decision-Making

This improved fleet GPS tracker ensures meticulous monitoring, saving the last 6 months’ movement history. Detailed information such as speed, directions, and timestamps are securely stored, empowering leasing and mortgage companies with valuable insights for informed decision-making.

Innovative Design for Hassle-Free Installation

As one of Seeworld’s independently researched and developed 2G GPS products, the S112B boasts an imported high-gain GPS module and a unique design. With a global GSM receiving antenna and a low power consumption design, it stands out as the most suitable GPS tracker for leasing and mortgage companies, eliminating the need for complicated installations.

Key Features for Enhanced Security and Analysis

  • Built-in battery (55mAh) with external power disconnect alarm for anti-theft
  • Real-time tracking for immediate location updates
  • Vibration alarm for suspicious activities
  • Over-speed alarm to ensure safe driving
  • GEO-fence alarm for defined boundaries
  • Power-off alarm for added security
  • Driver behavior analysis function for comprehensive insights

Versatile Applications Across Industries

The SEEWORLD S112B caters to a range of industries. Including auto finance, leasing, mortgage, fleet management, car loan finance, car rental companies, and electric motorcycle management.

Experience the pinnacle of fleet management with the S112B – your trusted partner for advanced 2G hardwired GPS tracking.