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Ruptela Trace5

Manufacturer: Ruptela

Trace5 is a minimal GNSS-based Programmed Vehicle Area (AVL) tracker with all fundamental elements for vehicle following and armada the executives. It is reasonable for coordinated operations, conveyance, utility administrations, vehicle rental and vehicle funding use cases. This GNSS tracker utilizes 4G (GSM) network and an exceptional GPS module from Ublox.

IP67 adaptation with rough lodging is likewise accessible which completely shields gadget from water, soil and mechanical variables. The gadget can be introduced external the lodge (for example close to the motor) and effectively work.

Ruptela Trace5 GPS device

Ruptela Trace5, a compact and efficient GNSS-based vehicle tracker designed for optimal vehicle tracking and fleet management. With robust 4G connectivity and a premium GNSS module, Ruptela Trace5 ensures reliable and precise data transmission, catering to various industries such as logistics, delivery, and utility services. The IP67 version boasts a rugged housing, providing complete protection against water, dirt, and mechanical factors. This durable design allows installation outside the cabin, near the engine, ensuring top performance.

Specifications of Ruptela Trace5:

  • LTE/LTM Connectivity: Featuring 4G connectivity with 2G fallback for enhanced network coverage.
  • Accelerometer: Equipped with a 3-axis accelerometer for precise motion sensing.
  • Quick Installation: Facilitates quick and easy installation for use.
  • Internal Backup Battery: Includes an internal 190 mAh backup battery for uninterrupted operation.
  • Configurable Digital Inputs: Offers 2x configurable (invertible) digital inputs for versatile customization.
  • U-blox GNSS Module: Utilizes a U-blox GNSS module for reliable and accurate positioning.
  • Power Supply: Supports a power supply range of 8-30V DC for flexibility.
  • Comprehensive Ports: Features 4xDIN, 2xAIN, 2xDOUT, and 1-wire for diverse connectivity.
  • Internal Memory: Boasts an internal memory of 8 MB for efficient data storage.
  • Jamming Detection: Incorporates jamming detection for enhanced security.
  • Internal Antennas: Equipped with internal GNSS and cellular antennas for optimized signal reception.
  • Operating Temperature: Designed to operate within a temperature range of -20 °C to +60°C.
  • Configuration Options: Allows firmware configuration via SMS/GPRS (FOTA)/USB for user-friendly customization.
  • Bluetooth Compatibility: Includes Bluetooth 4.2 classic & LE (Trace5 IP67) for seamless connectivity.
  • Waterproof Housing: The Trace5 IP67 version features a waterproof IP67 housing for added durability.
  • Compact Dimensions: Boasting a small size of 65x61x22 mm (Trace5) and 95x77x29 mm (Trace5 IP67) for versatile installation.

Applications of Ruptela Trace5:

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Facilitates real time monitoring of fleets and cargo for efficient logistics.
  • Fleet Efficiency Optimization: Optimizes fleet efficiency for streamlined operations.
  • Driver Behavior Monitoring: Ensures education on driver behavior, enhancing safety and security.
  • Cargo Conditions Monitoring: Monitors cargo conditions for enhanced cargo safety.
  • Accident Detection: Detects accidents for a timely response.
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery: Assists in the recovery of stolen vehicles for increased security.
  • Driver Identification: Provides driver identification for personalized tracking.
  • Business and Private Trips: Enables the selection of business and private trips for accurate record keeping.