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Ruptela Temperature sensor

Manufacturer: Ruptela

Ruptela’s temperature sensors are intended for estimating the temperature of the freight and the coolers. The sensors work with a precision of ±0.5°C in the temperature range from – 40°C to +120°C ±0.5°C. The sensor lodging is IP67 guaranteed, guaranteeing its sturdiness regardless of different cruel work spaces.

Temperature sensor

Ruptela temperature sensors to measure cargo and refrigerator temperatures with accuracy, ensuring precision within a ±0.5°C range from -40°C to +120°C. An IP67 certification for the sensor housing complements this robust performance, guaranteeing durability in various challenging working conditions.

These Ruptela temperature sensors easily integrate with the following Ruptela product series:

  1. HCV5/LCV5/Pro5 series
  2. HCV5/LCV5/Pro5 Lite series
  3. Pro4
  4. Eco4
  5. Trace5

Ensuring reliability and accuracy, the temperature sensors play a crucial role in monitoring temperature-sensitive goods during transportation and storage. Their precision, operating within a narrow temperature range, safeguards the integrity of the cargo and ensures compliance with industry standards.

Ruptela’s commitment to quality is evident in the ±0.5°C accuracy of these sensors, providing users with confidence in the reliability of temperature data. This level of precision is especially valuable in industries where maintaining specific temperature conditions is paramount.

Moreover, the IP67 certification of the sensor housing signifies a high level of protection against dust and water, making it resilient in harsh and unpredictable environments. This strength is a key feature for businesses involved in logistics and transportation, where sensors must withstand various external factors.

The compatibility of these sensors with multiple Ruptela product series enhances their versatility, allowing businesses to easily incorporate them into their existing monitoring systems. Whether it’s the advanced capabilities of the HCV5/LCV5/Pro5 series or the cost-effective options of the Pro4 and Eco4 series, Ruptela’s temperature sensors offer a flexible solution for diverse needs.

In conclusion, Ruptela’s temperature sensors stand out for their accuracy, strength, and compatibility across a range of product series. Businesses can rely on these sensors to maintain the optimal conditions for their temperature sensitive cargo, ensuring a easy and secure logistics process.

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