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Ruptela Tacho Harness

Manufacturer: Ruptela

Interface HCV5 and HCV5 Light to tachograph quicker and simpler with the Tacho outfit. Accessible for Siemens VDO and Stoneridge tachographs.

Quicker and simpler establishment
Proficient establishment
Limit the gamble of flawed establishments

Tacho Harness

Linking Ruptela Tacho Harness HCV5 and HCV5 Lite to the tachograph becomes swift and straightforward using the Tacho harness. This accessory is compatible with Siemens VDO and Stoneridge tachographs, ensuring a hassle-free installation process.

The benefits of using the Ruptela Tacho Harness include:

  1. Speedier and Simpler Installation: With this harness, connecting HCV5 and HCV5 Lite to the tachograph is quick and uncomplicated.
  2. Expert Installation: Facilitates professional setup, reducing the chances of errors during installation.
  3. Minimized Risk of Faulty Installations: By employing the Tacho harness, the potential for faulty connections is significantly reduced.

It is compatible with:

  • HCV5
  • HCV5 Lite

The Tacho harness streamlines the process of linking HCV5 and HCV5 Lite to the tachograph. Its compatibility with Siemens VDO and Stoneridge tachographs ensures seamless integration. By offering faster, expert installations and minimizing the risk of errors, this accessory is a valuable addition for efficient and error-free setups.

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