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Ruptela OBDII Harness

Manufacturer: Ruptela
OBDII Harness

The Ruptela OBDII harness facilitates the installation of trackers like LCV5, HCV5, HCV5-Lite, and Pro5-Lite in light commercial vehicles. Utilizing the OBDII connection not only ensures faster and simpler installation but also enables CANbus data reading and serves as a power source. This approach guarantees professional installation, reducing the potential for faulty installations and ensuring optimal performance.

The benefits of using Ruptela  OBDII harness include:

  • Faster and easier installation process.
  • Professional installation, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability.
  • Minimization of the risk associated with faulty installations.

This harness is compatible with a range of series, including:

  • HCV5/LCV5/Pro5 series
  • HCV5/LCV5/Pro5 Lite series

By streamlining the installation process and enhancing compatibility, the OBDII harness proves to be an efficient and reliable solution for integrating tracking devices into light commercial vehicles.

Integration of the device is subject to the terms and conditions of our software.