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Ruptela iButton

Manufacturer: Ruptela

This Ruptela iButton accessory proves useful in situations where multiple people share a vehicle or when one person operates several vehicles. It provides insights into the vehicle’s usage, indicating the user, the time of use, and the person in charge. Moreover, it has the capability to immobilize the vehicle’s engine and alert the driver through an audio signal if the identification process encounters difficulties.

Compatibility: This additional feature of this Ruptela iButton accessory is practical in scenarios involving multiple individuals sharing a vehicle or one person managing multiple vehicles. It effectively logs information about the vehicle’s utilization, specifying the user, the timeframe, and the responsible party. Notably, it can hinder the vehicle’s engine and notify the driver with an audible alert if the identification process faces challenges.

Compatible with: This added functionality increase integrates with a range of vehicle series, ensuring versatility across models such as HCV5, LCv5, Pro5, Eco4, Pro4, and Trace5. This broad similarity enhances its adaptability and usefulness in various contexts.

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