Ruptela FMS harness

Manufacturer: Ruptela

Introduce GPS trackers quicker and simpler with FMS outfit. FMS tackle is utilized to introduce HCV5, Pro5, LCV5, HCV5-Light, Pro5-Light trackers to trucks. CANbus and tachograph information is accessible utilizing FMS bridle.

– Quicker and simpler establishment
– Proficient establishment
– Limit chance of broken establishments

FMS harness

Enhance your GPS tracker installation process effortlessly with the Ruptela FMS harness. This specialized harness streamlines the installation of HCV5, Pro5, LCV5, HCV5-Lite, and Pro5-Lite trackers onto trucks, providing quick access to CANbus and tachograph data.

Key Advantages of Ruptela FMS harness:

  1. Efficiency Boost: The FMS harness facilitates a faster and simpler installation process for GPS trackers. This efficiency improvement ensures a swift setup, saving valuable time and resources.
  2. Professional Installation: Elevate your installation standards with the FMS harness, promoting a professional touch to the setup. This ensures that the trackers are seamlessly integrated, meeting industry standards for quality and reliability.
  3. Risk Mitigation: By employing the FMS harness, you significantly minimize the risk of faulty installations. This risk reduction is crucial for ensuring the optimal performance and accuracy of your GPS trackers, contributing to overall system reliability.

Compatibility of Ruptela FMS harness:

The FMS harness seamlessly integrates with various tracker series, ensuring compatibility with the following models:

  • HCV5/LCV5/Pro5 series
  • HCV5/LCV5/Pro5 Lite series

This broad compatibility enhances the versatility of the FMS harness, making it suitable for different tracker series within the specified models.

In summary, the Ruptela FMS harness offers a range of benefits, including faster and easier installation, a professional touch to the setup, and substantial risk reduction associated with faulty installations. Its compatibility with HCV5, Pro5, LCV5, HCV5-Lite, and Pro5-Lite trackers ensures flexibility and efficiency in your tracking system deployment.

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