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Ruptela FM Plug4

Manufacturer: Ruptela
FM Plug4

Introducing the Ruptela FM Plug4, a GPS tracker connecting to your vehicle’s OBDII socket for hassle-free installation. This Plug & Play tracker ensures swift setup, making it perfect for on-the-spot presentations.

Streamlined Tracking with FM-Plug4:

Simplify your tracking experience with the user-friendly FM-Plug4, offering a quick and straightforward connection to your vehicle’s OBDII socket. This Plug & Play tracker streamlines the installation process, allowing for instant presentations and hassle-free use.

Applications of Ruptela FM Plug4:

Explore applications with the FM Plug4, enhancing your tracking capabilities for various purposes:

  • Real-time fleet monitoring.
  • Optimization of fleet efficiency.
  • Monitoring driver behavior.
  • Reduction of maintenance costs.
  • Efficient accident detection.
  • Seamless driver identification.

Key Specifications of Ruptela FM Plug4:

Dive into the specifications of the FM Plug4, designed to meet your tracking needs:

  • 2G connectivity for reliable communication.
  • A 3-axis accelerometer for accurate motion sensing.
  • Plug & Play installation for easy setup.
  • Internal 190 mAh backup battery for continuous tracking.
  • Internal GNSS and cellular antennas for robust connectivity.
  • U-blox GNSS module ensuring precise location data.
  • Power supply range of 10-32V DC for versatile usage.
  • Operating temperature from -35°C to +60°C, suitable for various environments.
  • Internal memory capacity of 4 MB for data storage.
  • Firmware configuration via SMS/GPRS (FOTA)/USB for easy updates.
  • Basic OBD and DTC data reading for comprehensive insights.
  • Compact size measuring 63 x 52 x 28 mm, optimizing space utilization.

Ruptela FM Plug4 is a Plug & Play type GPS tracking device that connects to the vehicle via an OBD II socket. Fast and simple installation eliminates installation costs and allows the on-the-spot presentation of the device. By assigning each employee their own device, the driver instead of the vehicle can be tracked, and the device can then be used in different vehicles. This device is also available with an integrated battery – Ruptela FM-Plug4+ version.

In summary, the FM Plug4 is your go-to GPS tracker, combining userfriendly Plug & Play installation with applications, making it a valuable asset for real-time fleet monitoring, driver behavior analysis, and more. Embrace a simplified tracking experience with the compact and feature-rich FM-Plug4.

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