Ruptela FM Eco4+ S

Manufacturer: Ruptela

FM-Eco4+ S is a standard GPS tracker with all essential features for fleet management. Features:

  • Real-time data from GPS, accelerometer
  • Driver behavior monitoring
  • Driver registration and identification
  • Remote ignition blocking
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Internal geo zones
  • Jamming notifications
  • Commands and configuration via SMS
FM Eco4 S

Ruptela FM-Eco4+ S is crafted to excel in challenging environments while being resilient against external damage. The new design not only enhances durability but also streamlines the installation process. Additionally, the device offers an internal antenna (FM-Eco4+ S) or an external antenna (FM-Eco4+ E S). As a standard GPS tracker with fundamental features for effective fleet management, the FM-Eco4+ S stands as Ruptela’s latest tracker, launched in 2018.

Durable Construction: Emphasizing long life, the FM-Eco4+ S boasts an impressive 99.9% build quality proudly made in the EU. The redesign housing ensures greater mechanical strength, achieving full waterproof certification (IP67). With a built in battery and sleep modes, the device is improved for enduring performance. Notable certifications include E-mark, CE, RoHS, and IP67.

Effortless Installation: The FM-Eco4+ S prioritizes user benefits with an improved shape compatible with zip ties, reinforced screw pillars, and wise placed LED indicators visible from both the front and side. The built-in antennas remove the necessity for an external configuration cable, allowing users to easily configure the device via SMS.

Key Features:

Equipped with essential functionalities, the FM-Eco4+ S ensures comprehensive fleet management:

  • Real-time data retrieval from GPS and accelerometer.
  • Driver behavior monitoring for enhanced safety.
  • Driver registration and identification capabilities.
  • Remote ignition blocking for added security.
  • Temperature monitoring for cargo integrity.
  • Geozones and jamming notifications to address potential issues on time.

Embrace the cutting edge features and robust construction of the FM-Eco4+ S, it gives reliable performance in adverse conditions. With its user friendly design and essential functionalities, this tracker stands as a testament to Ruptela’s commitment to innovation in the field of fleet management.

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