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Ruptela FM Eco4 Light

Manufacturer: Ruptela
FM Eco 4 Light

Ruptela FM-Eco4 Light, a compact GPS tracker tailored for vehicle tracking and monitoring tasks, delivering key information like location, speed, trip history, mileage, and fuel level. Its design incorporates an internal GPS & GSM antenna, ensuring a compact size for effortless installation.

Additionally, there’s an enhanced version with an integrated battery called FM-Eco4 Light+.

The device communicates through GSM (2G) networks, and there is also an alternative version available that supports UMTS (3G).

What’s New in the Ruptela FM-Eco4 Light S Series?

Discover the improvements in the FM-Eco4 Light S series that elevate its functionality:

  • Enhanced Processor: A 29% more powerful processor enhances overall device performance.
  • Swift GPS Fix: Users of the FM-Eco4 Light S series commend its reduced Time to First Fix (TTFF), ensuring faster location acquisition.
  • Lower Input Voltage: The new series lowers the input voltage requirement from 10 V DC to 6 V DC. This means the FM-Eco4 Light S series devices can now be installed and used in a broader range of vehicles.
  • Configurable DINs: FM-Eco4 Light S series devices feature 2x configurable (invertible) digital inputs (DINs). This flexibility allows easy configuration between negative and positive triggering, streamlining the installation of buttons, door sensors, and other accessories. It not only simplifies the setup but also reduces installation costs and time by eliminating the need for a relay. Contact us to explore practical applications of 2x configurable DINs!

Embrace the enhanced capabilities of the FM-Eco4 Light S series, ensuring efficient vehicle tracking and monitoring with improved processing power, faster GPS fixes, broader vehicle compatibility, and versatile digital input configuration options.

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