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Ruptela Fatigue Sensor

Manufacturer: Ruptela

The weariness sensor is a protected driving framework intended for business armadas that can interface with Ruptela’s gadgets through RS232 interface. The gadget alerts the endless supply of weariness or interruption. It additionally gives on-request picture result to the armada the executives framework when both of the cautions is set off. These pictures act as the proof to check the driver’s genuine state and different information, it helps the administration places further develop driver security and execution.

Fatigue Sensor

The Ruptela Fatigue Sensor stands as a secure driving system specifically crafted for commercial fleets, easily connecting to Ruptela’s devices through the RS232 interface. Once integrated, this system issues alerts to drivers when fatigue or distraction is detected. Additionally, it offers the capability for on-demand image output to the fleet management system, triggered by either of the alarms. These images serve as critical evidence to assess the driver’s actual state, contributing valuable data to enhance both safety and performance in management centers.

Key features of Ruptela Fatigue Sensor:

  1. Connection to Ruptela’s Devices: The fatigue sensor efficiently links to Ruptela’s devices using the RS232 interface, ensuring a smooth integration process.
  2. Driver Alert System: When the system detects signs of fatigue or distraction, it promptly alerts the driver, fostering a safer driving environment.
  3. On-Demand Image Output: In the event of an alarm activation, the system provides on-demand images to the fleet management system. This visual data serves as concrete evidence for evaluating the driver’s condition.
  4. Compatibility: The fatigue sensor seamlessly integrates with various Ruptela product series, including the HCV5/LCV5/Pro5 series and Pro4, enhancing its adaptability to different fleet setups.

Linking with Ruptela’s devices through RS232, the sensor integrates seamlessly into the commercial fleet’s safety framework, enhancing security. Alert systems and on demand images promptly respond to risks, offering insights into driver behavior for a comprehensive understanding of performance. Versatile compatibility makes it a valuable asset for fleet management, prioritizing safety, and optimizing performance.

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