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Ruptela External GNSS Antenna​

Manufacturer: Ruptela
External GNSS

You can enhance fleet location accuracy by linking a Ruptela External GNSS Antenna​ to the 5th-generation advanced family devices (HCV5, LCV5, Pro5). This is particularly useful when concealing the tracker beneath metal within the vehicle.

Here are the benefits and precautions of Ruptela External GNSS Antenna​:

  1. Improved Precision: Connecting the External GNSS antenna to devices like HCV5, LCV5, and Pro5 ensures a more precise fleet location, crucial when the tracker needs to hide under metal constructions.
  2. Backup Assurance: If the external antenna suffers damage or disconnects, the internal one automatically takes over. Additionally, you’ll receive notifications signaling any attempt to disrupt fleet monitoring or damage the device.

This feature is compatible with Ruptela External GNSS Antenna​:

  • HVC5
  • LCV5
  • Pro5
  • Pro4

Attaching a Ruptela External GNSS Antenna to advanced devices like HCV5, LCV5, and Pro5 substantially enhances location accuracy, especially when hiding the tracker beneath metallic parts of the vehicle. Moreover, the system’s backup function, where the internal antenna kicks in if the external one encounters issues, safeguards against potential disruptions or damage attempts. Its compatibility with a range of devices like HVC5, LCV5, Pro5, and Pro4 ensures flexibility in integration, allowing for tailored solutions in fleet management setups.

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