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Ruptela Eco-Drive Panel

Manufacturer: Ruptela
Eco-Drive Panel

Ruptela’s Eco-Drive panel is tailored to monitor and educate drivers in real time. It alerts them about actions leading to fuel wastage and vehicle wear. Additionally, driving data is relayed to a real-time monitoring system, analyzing behaviors and offering insights for driver performance assessments.

The Eco-Drive panel board is a gadget created and produced by Ruptela for checking and training of drivers in the continuously. The board illuminates the driver when his/her driving activities are causing fuel wastage and speeding up vehicle devaluation. Driving data is additionally shipped off the continuous checking and control framework, which examines driver conduct and gives information to the driver execution assessment.

Eco-Drive panel – It seamlessly integrates with various series:

  • HCV5/LCV5/Pro5 series
  • HCV5/LCV5/Pro5 Lite series
  • Pro4
  • Eco4
  • Trace5 LTM

This advanced Ruptela Eco-Drive Panel serves as a crucial tool, providing immediate feedback to drivers and contributing to ongoing driver improvement. By relaying driving habits to the monitoring system, it enables detailed evaluations, helping in increasing driving behaviors.

Integration of the device is subject to the terms and conditions of our software.