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Ruptela Easy CAN

Manufacturer: Ruptela

EasyCAN is utilized for quick and safe association with a vehicle’s ready PC (CANbus). EasyCAN interfaces a GPS beacon to the vehicle’s installed PC, without cutting any wires and without disregarding the maker’s guarantee. EasyCAN can peruse information from FMS and J1708 CANbus

EasyCAN GPS device

Ruptela EasyCAN ensures a quick and secure link to a vehicle’s onboard computer (CANbus). By connecting a GPS tracking device to the vehicle’s onboard computer, EasyCAN achieves this without cutting any wires or infringing on the manufacturer’s warranty. It proficiently reads data from both FMS and J1708 CANbus protocols.

It seamlessly integrates with:

  1. HCv5/LCV5/Pro5 series
  2. HCV5/LCV5/Pro5 Lite series
  3. Pro4

Facilitating a rapid and safe connection, EasyCAN bridges the gap between a GPS tracking device and a vehicle’s on-board computer without resorting to wire cutting or warranty breaches. Notably, it excels in extracting data from FMS and J1708 CANbus, enhancing its utility for diverse applications.

In terms of compatibility, EasyCAN harmonizes effortlessly with multiple series, including HCv5/LCV5/Pro5, HCV5/LCV5/Pro5 Lite, and Pro4. This versatility allows users to seamlessly incorporate EasyCAN into their existing setups, ensuring a smooth and efficient integration process.

In conclusion, Ruptela EasyCAN stands out for its user-friendly approach to connecting GPS tracking devices to a vehicle’s on-board computer. The absence of wire cutting and warranty concerns, coupled with its ability to read data from FMS and J1708 CANbus, makes it a reliable choice for those seeking a convenient and compatible solution. Its compatibility with various series further enhances its appeal, offering users flexibility in adapting EasyCAN to different setups.

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